The One Book Scene ‘Bridgerton’ Author Julia Quinn Hopes Makes It Into The Show

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The One Book Scene ‘Bridgerton’ Author Julia Quinn Hopes Makes It Into The Show

The Bridgerton book series is full of beloved scenes fans hope make it into the Netflix adaptation, but there's one special scene author Julia Quinn is keeping her fingers crossed for. The scene in question takes place in the seventh book in which Hyacinth Bridgerton meets her match. And it's definitely something special to behold.

Prior to Season 2, the author noted multiple publications ran pieces proclaiming the pall-mall scene was "the one scene Julia Queen insisted would be in the show," but she was quick to note there were certainly no demands made on her part. "I basically said to Chris [Van Dusen] the showrunner, 'I really think we should make sure that we have that scene in there.' He's like, 'Oh, don't worry about it. We're totally having that scene,'" she explains. "And that was the end of the discussion. So, I was so happy they got that in there."

As for the scene she would love to see make it into a future season of Bridgerton, she's the first to acknowledge it might be a bit too quirky for the small screen. In It's in His Kiss, Hyacinth has become a companion of sorts to Lady Danbury, and she spends her days reading to the older woman and accompanying her to social events. One such event is The Pleinsworth Poetry Reading.

Hosted by the titular Pleinsworth family, the event is meant to be an uneventful evening of poetry recitations. Instead, the guests are treated to The Shepherdess, the Unicorn, and Henry VIII, a play penned by a precocious 14-year-old girl. Quinn loves the scene so much she included full details of the play in The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy, a book in her Bridgerton-adjacent Smythe-Smith series.

"I think it rivals the pall-mall scene for just pure fun," she says. "So I would love to see that. It may end up being too farcical to show on Netflix. I don't know, but I would love to see it."

The play includes both sheep and a cow, in addition to the titular unicorn, and it certainly leaves Hyacinth and her escort for the evening, Gareth St. Clair (Lady Danbury's grandson) amused. In the aftermath of the 90-minute long spectacular they have this exchange:

"Do you drink port, Miss Bridgerton? Gareth asked, keeping his eyes on the stage as he stood and applauded the Pleinsworth children.
"Of course not, but I've always wanted to taste it, why?"
"Because we both deserve a drink."

Only time will tell if Bridgerton will be renewed through Season 7, when Hyacinth's story would most likely be told, but for now, here's hoping Van Dusen and executive producer Shonda Rhimes see adapting the young Pleinsworth daughter's play as a challenge they're willing to accept. After all, as much as Bridgerton is a romantic drama, it also excels at serving up comedic moments — and seeing even a partial production of The Shepherdess, the Unicorn, and Henry VIII onscreen would be a hilarious treat fans of the books and the show would never forget.

Images: Liam Daniel/Netflix

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