How Old Are The Bridgerton Siblings In Season 2?

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How Old Are The Bridgerton Siblings In Season 2?

No one can accuse Violet and Edmund Bridgerton of not being a prolific and exceedingly orderly couple. Before the Viscount's untimely death, they managed to have eight children and work their way through about a quarter of the alphabet, naming wise. Thankfully, this makes identifying the birth order of the Bridgerton children simple, but decoding the ages of the Bridgerton siblings in Season 2 is a little bit trickier.

Author Julia Quinn includes a comprehensive family tree alongside birthdates at the end of each one of her Bridgerton novels, but Netflix appears to have mostly ignored the age gaps between some of the children. For instance, in the first Bridgerton book, The Duke and I, Daphne is on her second year of the marriage mart at the age of 21. However, in Bridgerton Season 1, Daphne is clearly younger since she's making her society debut. By regency standards, she would be inching perilously close to spinster territory if she didn't come out until she was 21, so that means she was more likely 18 or 19.

That in turn has a snowball effect on the ages of her siblings, most notably Eloise, who is a full four years younger than her elder sister in the books. That's clearly not the case for the show version of Eloise, who reluctantly makes her entrance into society in the Season 2 premiere. With all of that in mind, the following ages of the Bridgerton siblings are guestimations based on a combination of the clues offered up by the show and the birthdates from the book series.

  • Anthony: According to the books, the eldest Bridgerton was born in 1784, a full 19 years before his youngest sister Hyacinth was born in 1803. In Season 2, it is definitively established that Hyacinth is 10, so by that math, Anthony must be 29 or 30, depending on the month he was born in.
  • Benedict: Next up is artist and second son Benedict, who came into the world three years after his big brother, according to Quinn. That puts him around 27 in Season 2.
  • Colin: After Benedict, Violet and Edmund didn't welcome another child until 1791, making Colin roughly 22 or 23 this season.
  • Daphne: Now, there's only supposed to be a year between Colin and Daphne, but I suspect the age gap is closer to two years on the show. So assuming she was 19 in Season 1, the new Duchess of Hastings is now 20 at the oldest.
  • Eloise: There is absolutely no way Violet would make Eloise make her entrance into society at 16, so the age gap between her and Daphne has to be much smaller on the show. That means Eloise is either 18 or 19 since her mom won't let her put off her coming out any longer in Season 2.
  • Francesca: Poor Francesca remains the forgotten Bridgerton in Season 2, so trying to guess her age is tricky. According to the books, she was born one year after Eloise, which would put her around the age of 17 this year, although she could be slightly younger.
  • Gregory: Thankfully, little Gregory is an easy one. He's two years older than his little sister, so he's 12, even though he grew at least a foot and half between seasons.
  • Hyacinth: Season 2 confirms without a doubt that Hyacinth is exactly 10, so while the ages of the rest of the Bridgerton family require some sort of advanced math beyond my abilities, I can say without a doubt that the youngest member of the family will be heading into her tween years in Season 3.

The only thing I am 100 percent certain about the Bridgerton siblings is that no matter what their actual ages are, they will all be finding love soon enough if their mom has anything to say about the matter.

Images: Liam Daniel/Netflix

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