'Bridgerton' Season 2 Is Officially Happening & Anthony Better Be Ready

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'Bridgerton' Season 2 Is Officially Happening & Anthony Better Be Ready

Eligible bachelorettes of London rejoice, for Anthony Bridgerton is officially on the hunt for a bride. After almost a month of dominating Netflix, Bridgerton was officially renewed for a Season 2 on Thursday, Jan. 21, with an official statement from Lady Whistledown herself.

Like all Lady Whistledown writings, the Bridgerton Season 2 announcement only reveals as much as she wants you to know — which, sadly in this case, is very little. However, the announcement seemingly confirms what fans have been long suspecting: Season 2 of Bridgerton will focus on Anthony, the eldest Bridgerton, following Julia Quinn's original Bridgerton book series order. "This author has been reliably informed that Lord Anthony Bridgerton intends to dominate the social season," reads Lady Whistledown's announcement. "I will have my pen ready to report on any and all of his romantic activities."

When Will Bridgerton Season 2 Premiere?

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The announcement also revealed that the show would resume production in the spring of 2021, meaning fans probably shouldn't expect a new season until the end of the year at the earliest. But, on the bright side, fans will have plenty of time to catch up on Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series. Or, for those who want to experience the story on the screen for the very first time, plenty of time to rewatch Daphne and Simon's love story — over and over and over again.

What Will Bridgerton Season 2 Be About?


Warning: spoilers ahead for Bridgerton Season and The Viscount Who Loved Me. At the end of Season 1, Anthony swore off love and expressed his determination to find a suitable wife — no feelings required. "Removing it from all romantic relations shall make me all the better for it," he declared in the season finale. "No more distractions from responsibility or being waylaid from the sensible path." So, get ready for a lot of regency brooding and, I assume, rakish behavior involving brothels and maybe even nights out with his brother Benedict.

The season will seemingly be taking cues from Book 2 of the series, The Viscount Who Loved Me, which also introduces a brand new love interest to the ton: Kate Sheffield. (Start your fan casting now.) And while Anthony's cynicism might be reminiscent of Simon's firm stance against marriage and love, Kate is definitely the opposite of Daphne. She's not preoccupied with being the ideal lady in society, she's intelligent, fiercely protective of her family, and strong-willed. But don't let Kate's potential introduction fool you into thinking Season 1 was the last we saw of opera singer Siena. Bridgerton's official Instagram account tagged actor Sabrina Bartlett in the Season 2 announcement.

One final request for Anthony's Season 2 journey from actor Jonathan Bailey: let Anthony enjoy balls! "I want to see him dance," Bailey said in an interview with Decider. I would also like to see it.

Will Daphne & Simon Be In Season 2?

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UPDATE: Netflix announced — via a Lady Whistledown release, natch — that Simon will not be featured in Season 2 of the series. Though Rege Jean Page is not returning, Phoebe Dynevor's Daphne is anticipated to appear in the second season.

With Anthony taking the lead, it's unclear where that leaves Daphne and Simon. The time jump at the very end of Season 1 showed the two welcoming their first child, but whether or not that will have happened by the time Anthony joins a new season seriously looking for a wife is unclear. This was a departure from the books — Daphne and Simon's first born in the series is a girl — so really, the timeline is anyone's guess. Regardless of their parental status, rest assured that Daphne and Simon will be back in Season 2, even if they won't be the leads. Actors Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor are tagged in Bridgerton's official Instagram announcement of the new season. (Ruby Barker, who played Marina Thompson, is also tagged, which might hint at another deviation from the books.) And the actors themselves have also celebrated the news, with Dynevor writing on her Instagram stories, "We're going for round 2." (Note the "We.")

Will There Be Singing?

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Now that Bridgerton Season 2 is official, I just want to take this opportunity to make a formal request for the Bridgerton Boys to perform in the series, and perhaps later release an entire a cappella soundtrack. Perhaps they can perform as part of whatever grand gesture Anthony must do to win Kate over in the end? Just a thought.


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