Our Dream Bravolebrity Guests

I think anyone who has a podcast or listens to a podcast thinks ‘Wow, if ___ was on one day — that would be an amazing conversation!”

If you were able to get any Bravolebrity to talk with us, who would you want to hear on our show?

We have been blessed enough to speak with some of our favorites like Ashley Darby, Lisa Barlow, Peter Madrigal and Gabrielle Kniery!

We have to put out there who we want to eventually be a guest. *Speaking it into existence*

The top two would obviously be Queen Mother Nene Leakes and Andy Cohen. The rest is in no particular order.

Housewives: Wendy, Gizelle, Robyn, Kandi, Porsha, Phaedra, Sheree, Garcelle, Crystal, Sutton, Noella, Heather D, Jen Shah, Eboni, Dorinda, Sonja Dolores, Melissa, Guerdy, Larsa, Alexia.

Non-Housewives: Literally all the Summer House cast, Quad, Heavenly, GG, Reza, Literally all the Family Karma cast, Leva, Venita, Lala, Katie, Ariana, The Toms, and Scheana

I’m sure I left a few out but tell me who you want to hear us speak to?