Jason Sudeikis' Golden Globes Win Has Big Divorce Energy

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Jason Sudeikis' Golden Globes Win Has Big Divorce Energy

I don't believe in ghosts, but I hope they believe in themselves as much as I believe in Ted Lasso's Jason Sudeikis, who picked up the Golden Globe win for Best Actor in a Comedy, edging out the likes of the seemingly unbeatable Eugene Levy. (But that's the kind of underdog victory fitting of Richmond, isn't it?) But if there's anything that drew me in more than the charming Apple TV+ hit (which I watched three times since January, mind you) it's Sudeikis' Globes Zoom background, which had some serious BDE — Big Divorce Energy.

Incense. Succulents. A tie-dye hoodie where the only visible logo reads "Forward." (Be a goldfish, Jason.) I would mention the mustache — the male post-break-up equivalent of bangs – but as someone who loves the comedy as much as Jamie Tartt loves himself, I know that Ted Lasso is currently in production. There's a lot of necessary self-love happening in this image three months following the actor's split with fiancé Olivia Wilde, and I feel the feng shui of that fireplace mantel spread.

I also feel his meandering acceptance speech, delivered by someone that clearly never anticipated a win against a comedy legend (and who had to field the social anxiety that goes along with Don Cheadle playing you off):

That's nuts. Thank you to the Hollywood foreign press. This is, for me, the coolest thing that a group... that's, that's nuts. That's crazy. Okay. Wow. Uh. Here's what I'll say. I'll say this. I want to thank everybody who works on the show. I read this book to my son, Otis, called The Three Questions, by Leo Tolstoy, and he has these three questions, like, when the the best time to do things, when's the right thing to do, when's the right thing to do, and then who's the most important one. And that last question, who's the most important one, is, like, whoever the person you're with. so I kind reject the premise of being the best actor, because in my humble opinion, the best actor is the person you're acting with. so I want to give this, a shout-out to all the people I get to act with on this show because they're incredible. Do they make me the best? No, but I know for a fact they make me better, better than I am, better than I thought I could be, better than, you know, then, you know, then, then anything I can do. And so I appreciate everybody looking out. And Don Cheadle's right, I gotta wrap this puppy up. You know, never been my forte. 'Little windy, little windy,' as my Aunt Loretta would say.

One person's Tolstoy is another's Eat Pray Love.

His win might be good news, but the bad news is, Sudeikis' hoodie is sold out, and, in early 2021, he can't really celebrate his win with the great pastime of karaoke. But I'll at least be celebrating him in our dreams, goofing around with some essential oil aromatherapy.

Red eyes, full hearts, can't lose.


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