Have The Golden Globes Nominees Never Used Zoom Before?

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Have The Golden Globes Nominees Never Used Zoom Before?

It seems that all the actors, directors, producers, celebrities, etc. nominated for a 2020 Golden Globe spent all their money on private chefs, stylists, and insurance for the borrowed jewels that never left their living room, and forgot to splurge on a little tech support, 'cuz the Zoom calls at the 2021 Golden Globes are janky, y'all. No one thought to test this before going live?

The red carpet and the ceremony's Zooms had everything: busted hotel room corners, foggy cameras, shaky cameras, barely-functioning cameras, awkward pauses, awkward talking over, awkward not-quite-right eye contact. A sleeping dog.

We've been using Zoom now for a year (a year! Jesus.) and I think everyone I know has become their own expert key grips and gaffer. We normals have Ring Lights! We know how to work Zoom filters! We know how to test our connection before a big meeting! Celebrities? Not so much. IT'S CALLED UNMUTE! Ever heard of a fi-ber op-tic net-work?

That said, I guess while we were all becoming video-chat experts, celebrities were sending holograms. So next time, I won't accept anything less than an interference pattern that uses diffraction to reproduce a 3D light field. Because these Zooms? Oof.

Gillian Anderson

Regina King

Elle Fanning

Catherine O'Hara

Best TV Supporting Actors

Colin Farrell

Mark Ruffalo

Aaron Sorkin

Olivia Coleman

Diane Warren

Laura Pausini

Kate Hudson

Jason Sudeikis

Michelle Pfeiffer

Rosamund Pike

Josh O'Connor

Peter Morgan

Brie Larson

Jodie Foster

Chloe Zhao

Andra Day

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