Conan O'Brien Gave No F*cks At The 2021 Emmys

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Conan O'Brien Gave No F*cks At The 2021 Emmys

If it was improv, you have to respect that everyone said "yes, and" to Conan O'Brien's 2021 Emmys performance. O'Brien, who's won six Emmys in the past, should've won another one tonight for Best Comedy Performance On The Fly In A "Hermetically Sealed" Theater Full Of Paul Bettany's Sneezes for his gentle roast of the CEO of the Television Academy, and then for pretending to be a part of Stephen Colbert's Emmy award-winning staff, which won the trophy for Outstanding Variety Special.

And if O'Brien's bit wasn't improv and was in fact planned, well, then, it was hands-down the best sketch of the night. And I'm one of the few who thought the other sketches were good (Fred Savage and Zooey Deschanel and Jason Alexander in an Emmys Losers support group? Very much up my alley), so that's saying someting.

Here's a look back at Conan's performance Sunday evening.

He Interrupted CEO Frank Scherma's Speech

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When Scherma took the stage, Conan, from the way, way back, overreacted to Scherma's appearance and went over the top with applause, cheering, and saluting. The audience had no choice but to laugh and clap along, while Scherma just laughed and laughed.

Conan's Photobomb

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Colbert's team won the award for "Stephen Colbert's Election Night 2020: Democracy's Last Stand Building Back America Great Again Better 2020," and Conan stormed the stage along with them, implying he'd won the award with the team.

Conan's Coco Energy

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The hair flops, the hand waving, the sheer Coco Energy was there. And we're grateful.

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