Who Is Cody Fern Playing In "Death Valley"? His Alien On 'AHS' May Be Worse Than The Antichrist

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Who Is Cody Fern Playing In "Death Valley"? His Alien On 'AHS' May Be Worse Than The Antichrist

The Antichrist on American Horror Story was pretty frightening, but how does Michael Langdon compare to an alien from Venus? In the preview for the Oct. 13 episode of "Death Valley," Cody Fern returns to American Horror Story to visit President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Oval Office. He looks like a human, all suited up in the White House, but he seems to have some supernatural abilities too. So who is Cody Fern in Double Feature? Real-life human, alien, or spawn of Satan?

Many historical figures are getting the alien treatment in "Death Valley," with First Lady Mamie Eisenhower being an extraterrestrial vessel and JFK being assassinated by aliens. But with the modern-day story, there are also fictional characters who are being tampered with (aka, being impregnated by) the aliens, like the Princeton friends and Leslie Grossman's Calico.

In the upcoming episode, "Blue Moon," Fern's character seems to be straddling the line between real and fake as he uses telekinesis to throw a Secret Service agent aside and open the door to the Oval Office, telling Ike Eisenhower in an alien accent, "Mr. President, I believe you've been expecting me." The official synopsis for the episode on IMDb states, "An unexpected visitor arrives at the White House and reveals the details of a very horrific plan."

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So who is this "unexpected visitor"? Well, the American Horror Story fan Instagram page, AHS Crave, posted the rumor that Fern will be playing Valiant Thor in "Death Valley." Valiant is an urban legend figure from the 1950s. According to Wellington Country Paranormal Investigators, it's said that Valiant Thor was the leader of a group of aliens from Venus who landed in Alexandria, Va., in 1957. Thor was taken to the White House after requesting to meet with President Eisenhower. Thor claimed to represent an intergalactic High Council that was concerned about nuclear warfare on Earth. It's said he stayed on Earth for three years, serving as an advisor to America's leaders.

There are many books about Valiant Thor, including Mysterious Ascension: The Strange Case of Valiant Thor, which boasts an introduction by Thor himself, by paranormal writer Gray Barker (who once admitted he didn't know if he believed in flying saucers). There's also a series of books influenced or even "written" by Thor from writer Frank E. Stranges Ph.D.

As Weird NJ documented, Stranges claimed that he met with Thor at the Pentagon and that the Venusian stayed in contact with him over the years. But Stranges also used the alien figure as a voice for Christian propaganda. Stranges and Thor allegedly collaborated on books like My Friend From Beyond Earth: The Wisdom of Valiant Thor, The Stranger at the Pentagon, and Outwitting Tomorrow: Secrets For Living From the Great Pyramid. Thor is also credited as writing The God Men: Universal Intelligence, Reincarnation, and the Continuing Existence of Human Beings Throughout the Cosmic Cycle. For not being real, Thor has sure contributed to a lot of books.

There's a metal band named Valient Thorr and the members explained the origins of the band's name to SPIN.com. The lead singer, who goes by Valient, said he was watching the show Beyond Bizarre on the Discovery Channel when he learned about Thor's alleged visit to Earth from Venus.

Based on Fern's character strolling into President Eisenhower's Oval Office with his supernatural abilities and strange way of talking, it sure appears that he's playing Valiant Thor in "Death Valley." Perhaps it's his appearance that convinces President Eisenhower that he has no choice but to make a treaty with the extraterrestrials. And depending on the details of the "very horrific plan" that Thor will share with Eisenhower, Fern's alien from Venus could be even scarier than Michael Langdon the Antichrist.


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