The Aliens Want All The Babies In 'American Horror Story'— But Why?

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The Aliens Want All The Babies In 'American Horror Story'— But Why?

Amelia Earhart and Cindy Crawford's daughter have one thing in common — they're both pregnant by aliens. Because everyone's impregnated by aliens in American Horror Story: Double Feature. During the premiere of "Death Valley," the aliens abducted people ranging from renowned pilot Earhart to four entitled 21st-century Princeton students (including Kaia Gerber's Kendall). Evidently, just like in the earlier season of Asylum, the favorite pastime of aliens in AHS is to make humans pregnant.

Earhart disappeared during a transatlantic flight in 1937. But in "Take Me to Your Leader," Lily Rabe's Earhart pops up in the Californian desert in 1954. She looks just as she did before she disappeared and she's two months pregnant. In the second half of the episode, four college friends — Cal (Nico Greetham), Kendall (Gerber), Troy (Isaac Cole Powell), and Jamie (Rachel Hilson) get abducted by aliens in Joshua Tree National Park in 2021. They don't remember what happened, but somehow all four of them are pregnant.

The other time AHS had aliens impregnate people was in Asylum. Both of Kit's lovers — his wife Alma and his fellow Briarcliff patient Grace — were abducted by aliens and came back with babies. Grace explains her experience with the aliens in "Spilt Milk." She wanted to die after being shot and she saw a bright, white light. Instead of it being heaven though, it was the aliens abducting her and inserting a child into her. "I felt like I was being torn in half. I didn't think I could survive it. But it was him. Our baby. They were putting him inside me," she tells Kit.

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