We Should've Seen Sarah Paulson & Cody Fern's 'AHS' Sex Scene Coming

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We Should've Seen Sarah Paulson & Cody Fern's 'AHS' Sex Scene Coming

American Horror Story: Double Feature is giving a history lesson in Mamie Eisenhower's many accomplishments. Like how she had a signature pink, brought Halloween to the White House, made adult birthday parties a thing, cooked fudge, and had sex with an alien robot. Sarah Paulson's first lady on American Horror Story hooked up with Cody Fern's Valiant Thor during "Death Valley." Although Mamie's husband, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, was none too happy about it, AHS fans were pretty thrilled about the Mamie having alien sex in Double Feature. Especially as it brought back the sexual tension that brewed between Paulson and Fern back in Apocalypse.

When Fern hit the AHS scene, he played Antichrist Michael Langdon in Apocalypse while Paulson's Wilhemina Venable was his servant at Outpost 3. In "The Morning After," he fake seduced the vulnerable Venable after exposing her scoliosis. She goes to kiss him and he coldly turns her away with a, "No." That's the Antichrist for you.

But in the "Death Valley" part of Double Feature, Paulson got hers when Ike walks in on Mamie having sex with the alien liaison Valiant Thor in "Blue Moon." Though her husband almost suffers a heart attack, she doesn't regret it for one moment since "Val sure knows his way around the female anatomy." Plus, she was just doing her job as first lady since he was a visiting dignitary! And you better believe that the alien robot loved tasting Mamie's fudge.

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