The Most Meta Moments In The 'American Horror Stories' Season 1 Finale

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The Most Meta Moments In The 'American Horror Stories' Season 1 Finale

The word "meta" often gets thrown around too much when discussing current pop culture. But there's no other way to describe the American Horror Stories episode "Game Over" other than meta. Spoilers ahead. In the episode, the characters know about American Horror Story as a fictional TV series and want a fully immersive fan experience. But wait, then those characters are just part of a video game. Because video game creator has a son who is an American Horror Story fan and is trying to connect to him by creating a game inspired by it. Along the way, there's a mishmash of AHS references that at times can get very... meta.

I'm not talking about a quick reference to the Hotel Cortez or Denis O'Hare's character Larry Harvey. I'm talking about the real wink-wink, nudge-nudge moments that were inserted as inside jokes for true blue AHS fans. Here are the most meta moments that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk included in "Game Over."

The Tate Cosplay

Fans thought they had spotted Tate Langdon's iconic green striped sweater and bleach blonde hair in the Stories premiere. There were even rumors that Evan Peters was on set due to fans seeing a person in the getup. But part of that confusion may have been because superfan Dylan decides to engage in some cosplay as Tate while staying in the Murder House.

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