The Conspiracy Theories Of 'AHS: Double Feature' Blame The Aliens (And Nixon) For Everything

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The Conspiracy Theories Of 'AHS: Double Feature' Blame The Aliens (And Nixon) For Everything

If Ryan Murphy had his way, American history classes would teach how First Lady Mamie Eisenhower had sex with an alien robot in the White House. But that's just the tip of the flying saucer. Because aliens are to blame for most of the U.S.'s major conspiracy theories in American Horror Story: Double Feature. When it comes to historical mysteries, like where did Amelia Earhart disappear to and who killed JFK, "Death Valley" points to extraterrestrials as being responsible. But before AHS fans go hating on aliens too much, Mamie Eisenhower and Richard Nixon didn't come out too squeaky clean either.

The world according to "Death Valley" is that President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a treaty with aliens in 1954 that allowed them to abduct a number of humans each year. He did this to ensure the safety of the rest of humanity... and to get some sweet, sweet technology like microwaves and iPhones. But in the end, the aliens were just planning to murder all the humans anyway once they figured out how to keep their species alive through a human-alien hybrid. Bummer.

"Death Valley" recycled many alien-centric legends, like President Eisenhower's suspicious dentist appointment and the existence of Valiant Thor. But it also took some well-known historical events with questionable outcomes and gave credit where credit was apparently due... to the aliens.

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