7 'AHS' Alien-Human Hybrid Baby Theories To Wrap Up Your Week

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7 'AHS' Alien-Human Hybrid Baby Theories To Wrap Up Your Week

Finding yourself unexpectedly pregnant can be scary. But finding yourself unexpectedly pregnant via aliens is an entirely different level of terror. Aliens have been working with the U.S. government to create the perfect alien-human baby on American Horror Story for nearly 70 years. So it would seem that, in the finale of the "Death Valley" part of Double Feature, the aliens will finally create a successful hybrid baby — but who will be its parent?

In the preview for the "Death Valley" finale, robot-alien, First Lady-fornicator Valiant Thor tells future president Richard Nixon that, "We all understood that the creation was a complex task." Even then in the black-and-white 1950s, the aliens knew it would take them decades to successfully create a human-alien baby. "We are projecting that the very first functioning hybrid will be born around approximately 2021," Val says. And well, AHS isn't following four Princeton friends who were just impregnated by aliens in 2021 for nothing.

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The finale is titled "The Future Perfect" — indicating a future with a perfect hybrid species. Now, what this perfect hybrid baby will do is beyond me as I am only a mere Earthling. But as Angelica Ross's Theta told Kaia Gerber's Kendall in "Inside," this baby is being made to "save an entire planet." But that sure doesn't seem good for planet Earth or its inhabitants since Theta (who, though she appears to be a human-alien hybrid with her one ginormous eye, is not perfect enough??) made it clear that it's not Earth that these part-human part-extraterrestrials will be saving but an alien planet.

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