The Most Ridiculous Moments From The '90 Day Fiancé' Reunion

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The Most Ridiculous Moments From The '90 Day Fiancé' Reunion

The 90 Day Fiancé tell-alls are always huge, messy affairs, and the Season 8 installment was no different. When the TLC stars gathered together in Los Angeles to rehash all the most dramatic moments from their season, there was no shortage of tea being spilled, laughs being had, and tantrums being thrown. So in honor of the silliest, strangest, and most shocking developments, I decided to break down the most ridiculous moments from the 90 Day reunion so far.

The moment when Natalie and Mike tried to pretend that all was well

Despite arriving separately and seemingly not speaking to each other when they thought the cameras weren’t rolling, Mike and Natalie did their best to present a united front when host Shaun Robinson first put them in the hot seat. Just moments after having them relive their last tell-all appearance — during which Natalie refused to say that she loved her then-fiancée — she asked them to ask how their relationship was on a scale of 1-10. Their awkward body language and Natalie’s missing wedding ring said it all, but they still claimed to be going (relatively) strong as Natalie ranked them a 6 and Mike tried to bump them up to a 7.

The moment when they fell apart approximately five seconds later

As soon as Shaun started picking at the scabs — especially when it came to Mike deciding to call off their wedding — their facade crumbled. Soon, it was revealed that Mike didn’t just get cold feet that morning, he actually disappeared the night before when he needed time to “think.”

Natalie couldn’t help but worry that he’d gone to meet up with someone (especially when Tamara suggested that might’ve tried to do some kind of last minute, bachelor party celebration), and the resurfaced accusation that he’d cheated once again seemed to send Mike into a tailspin. He seemed beyond frustrated as he questioned whether that was something he wanted to keep dealing with during the rest of their relationship.

The moment when everyone realized Jovi didn’t tell Yara about the strip club

I mean, are any of us shocked that he kept it a secret? No. But am I surprised that he thought he would somehow be able to get away with it when he knew that cameras had captured the whole thing? 100% We don’t know exactly when the tell-all filmed — it was clearly after the season started airing but before early March, when his bachelor party episode aired — but it’s hard to imagine how Jovi thought he would get away with this.

Did he think that footage wouldn’t make the final cut? Was he just hoping for some reason that Shaun wouldn’t stir the pot? He literally took a lie detector test for 90 Day Bares All, so what gives? Did Jovi want Yara to find out in a public place with witnesses so she couldn’t make a scene? I just don’t understand what went through his head on this one. Yikes.

The moment when Julia revealed it was her fault they live on the farm

This whole season, everyone’s been pointing the finger of blame at Brandon when it comes to their living situation with his parents. He was the one that first introduced himself to the cameras which meant that he was the one to explain that they were staying with his mom and dad in order to save money for their wedding… which ended up being a total non-event anyway thanks to the pandemic.

On the reunion show, however, Shaun and the other cast members started to give them a hard time about their home life, only for Julia to admit that she actually bears a little responsibility, too. Apparently, she shot down every apartment or house he came up with. Not sure why she was OK to live at home instead, but clearly he must’ve promised that meant they could one day afford the condo of her dreams.

That moment when Betty and Ron refused to acknowledge they were at least a lil overbearing

Let’s not forget, though, that Julia and Brandon actually did talk about moving out at one point, only for Betty to break down over dinner at the thought of it. The couple ended up staying when Brandon’s parents allowed them to move into one bedroom together, but some of the other 90 Day stars thought the whole thing was just a mess.

When Rebecca called Betty and Ron out for being manipulative and too controlling, Ron insisted they never tried to stop Brandon and Julia from leaving, and Betty nodded along as if she hadn’t turned on the waterworks and then bent over backwards so that her son and his fiancé would stay on the farm. Betty also put her foot down when it came time to admit that she’d overstepped by scheduling a doctor’s appointment for Julia that her future daughter-in-law never asked for.

That moment when Mike’s mom put him on blast about sending Natalie packing

Part of Mike’s cold feet, apparently, included calling his mom to reveal that he wasn’t sure how he felt about getting married. And in that phone call, he allegedly told Trish he was ready to buy Natalie a plane ticket home and say goodbye. Mike claimed that wasn’t the case and that the phone call in question actually came after the wedding day that wasn’t, but Trish specified that it actually came several day earlier. It was his word against hers, but the confrontation didn’t end well for anyone as Natalie started questioning Mike about what the truth was.

That moment when Trish admitted she tried to stop the wedding

After it became clear that the ceremony was going forward regardless of the temperature of anyone’s feet, not everyone was on board. Namely, Trish. After getting that call from her son and seeing how much he fought with his fiancé and how much his fiancé wanted to change him, she decided that someone needed to speak up… so she asked Tamara to do it. It certainly seems like she also made her feelings clear to Mike, but no one expected Trish to take things this far, let alone the rest of the 90 Day cast members.

That moment when everyone gossiped about the plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures they’ve undergone

In a way, it was super refreshing. Celebrities often deny having had any work done and only occasionally admit to using photo-editing software or filters when called out (cough, Khloé Kardashian, cough). On this show, however, it was a different story. Rebecca was completely upfront about everything she had done to her body, Yara ‘fessed up to having a nose job and lip injections, and Natalie revealed that she wanted her nose done, too.

Of course, she also shared that it was because people apparently come up to her and tell her that she is so good looking “but it would be nice” if she “fixed” her nose, which is completely messed up, but it’s still her decision. Well, that is unless you ask Julia, who took the opportunity to call everyone out for losing weight the “lazy” way and not just learning to accept their bodies as is. I’m all about self-love and breaking down fatphobia and beauty standards, but I’m not sure shaming people is the way to go about that. Thankfully, Yara called her out, and she refused to back down when Julia insisted that it was just her “opinion” that everyone else was being lazy.

That moment when Zied shared that he’s considering a tummy tuck too — and why

While he admitted he’s been hitting the gym, he also admitted he “can’t stop eating pizza.” I think this one speaks for itself.

That moment when Rebecca stood by her complete overreaction

When Zied first came to the States, Rebecca’s daughter took them out to dinner with some friends. One friend, Hannah, offered to help Zied move the couple’s furniture to their new apartment since Rebecca was often busy with work, but Rebecca became convinced this was some kind of flirtation tactic.

At the time, Tiffany called her mom out, but even with hindsight Rebecca was digging her heels in at the reunion. She refused to budge, even though it was clear her daughter, the person who actually knew Hannah, knew that wasn’t the other woman’s intentions. Tiffany tried to stop herself from laughing at her mom at one point, but eventually they got so deep into the back-and-forth that Tiffany scolded, “That’s just her face, Mom!”

That moment when Rebecca and Zied revealed she made him sleep on the couch the night before their wedding

It was clear in the show that they weren’t getting along at this point. They’d already butted heads over the Ramadan issue, and the pandemic putting pressure on their last-minute ceremony wasn’t helping things. Apparently, things came to a head the night before as they sat outside at the cabin they were staying at.

When Rebecca tried to tempt her husband-to-be with a sexy skinny dip in the jacuzzi, he could only remark on how the landscape looked like something straight out of a horror movie. That left her speechless, and then she walked away — and he was mad that she didn’t say anything back, so he didn’t follow. Truly, this is the strangest fight that I’ve ever heard of, but also I’m so disappointed we didn’t get to see it for ourselves.

That moment when Andrew walked off set

Not all the stars showed up to the reunion (Stephanie, Ryan, and Harris all skipped it entirely), but some of them Zoomed in. Tarik and Hazel, who had a recent COVID exposure, stayed home. Amira also wasn’t exactly about to fly in from France, but she was happy to do a video call. Well, she was happy to do it as long as she didn’t have to see or speak to Andrew. After their messy breakup, she put some boundaries in place, and she was determined to not let him “control” her.

Andrew, however, wasn’t content to go along with that. He wanted to be able to respond not just to what Amira said, but respond to her directly. He threatened to walk off if he didn’t get to speak to his ex, but the producers (and Amira) wouldn’t budge. They told him they couldn’t force him to stay, but they also couldn’t force her to confront him.

Both were allowed to tell their sides of the story to the group, just not at the same time, but that wasn't good enough for Andrew. He decided it was his way or the highway, and so he decided to head out if he couldn’t control the situation. Which kind of sounds like it proves Amira’s point, doesn’t it?


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