6 People Who Have Survived Joe's Cage On 'You'

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6 People Who Have Survived Joe's Cage On 'You'

Spoiler alert: This post contains plot points for all three seasons of You on Netflix.

Every TV show serial killer needs an evil lair, and make no mistake: Joe Goldberg is a serial killer. In his case, though, his "evil lair" has been replicated time and time again. The book lover has created multiple versions of the temperature-controlled glass cage in order to lock up people who have wronged him — or whom he simply just doesn't know what to do with yet.

While most of the people who enter the cage come out in a body bag, a few have managed to escape. Joe is, after all, pretty good at covering his tracks, and often that means with murder. For some, they have just barely survived the ordeal...and for others, well, they didn't survive for very long. Here are the people who somehow managed to get out of the cage alive.


The first "you" of the series, Beck was a grad student and aspiring author who Joe became fixated on when they met in his bookstore — the site of the original glass cage. Joe and Beck had an on-again, off-again romance, but when Beck discovered that Joe had been stalking her for the entirety of their relationship — and that he was behind the murders of her friends Peach and Benji — Joe put her in the cage so they could talk. Beck managed to get the upper hand on Joe and lock him in the cage, thanks to some masterful manipulation tactics, but tragically, Joe escaped — and killed Beck for the betrayal.

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