Please Release "Pie4Me/Die4Me" From 'You' Season 3

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Please Release "Pie4Me/Die4Me" From 'You' Season 3

Of the many bonkers things that happen in You, there's just one I cannot stop thinking about. It's a You Season 3 finale detail a lot of you might have missed, but there's a Cut article in the episode that mentions that Joe and Love inspired a K-pop song called "Pie4Me/Die4Me," and I. HAVE. QUESTIONS.

The K-pop reveal comes at the end of the finale, when Matthew, Joe and Love's very unlucky billionaire neighbor, is reading an article about their "deaths," which Joe set up to look like a murder suicide, but was in fact just one murder. When you reach this scene, please do yourself a favor and pause on the article, because only then will you see this: "But the cultural footprint of Love Quinn and her unfaithful husband is even larger, inspiring memes, art, and even a K-pop viral hit, 'Pie4Me/Die4Me.'"

In the world of You, there is a K-pop hit inspired by a very graphic murder-suicide where one party (Love) allegedly baked the other (Joe) into a pie. And I have only one request: GIVE IT TO ME.

Image: Netflix

Imagine a K-pop track, with an EDM-light beat and the catchiest chorus you'v ever heard, all about the rich girl who killed her husband and became a pseudo feminist icon for rejecting the traditional role as a wife and mother. I can hear it now... "Pie4Me/Die4Me, just don't leave meeee." All accompanied by an explosive music video set in a cotton candy-colored suburbia.

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