5 Theories About Joe's Brother On 'You' That Could Tee Up Season 4

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5 Theories About Joe's Brother On 'You' That Could Tee Up Season 4

You's Joe Goldberg has always been a bit of a lone wolf. While his wife, Love Quinn, had a seriously codependent relationship with her twin brother Forty, Joe just couldn't relate to that sibling dynamic. Yet Joe's annoyance at Love and Forty's (admittedly pretty toxic) relationship might have been about something else entirely: It seems Joe may have a brother of his own, one who his mom actually cared for.

Warning: Spoilers for You's season finale to follow.

In the final episode of You's third season, it's revealed that Joe found his mom after he left the school he was placed in following that whole "killing his stepfather" thing. While his mom was kind of a mess before Joe was sent away, when Joe finds her, she's in a much, much better place. She is even seen caring for a boy named Jacob, who looks about three years old. When Joe asks her why she abandoned him — especially now that she's mothering a different kid — his mom replies that she simply had to start over.

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So, is Jacob Joe's brother? We never get official confirmation. It's possible that Joe's mom got a job as a nanny, but if so, why not make that explicitly clear? It definitely seems like Joe's mom traded him in for a newer model — at least, in Joe's eyes — so I wouldn't be shocked if this brotherly reveal had implications for future seasons of You.

So how might Joe's brother come into play? Here are some theories...

Joe Steals His Brother's Identity

After blaming the Madre Linda murders on Love, Joe fakes his death and skips town. How Joe is going to reintegrate into normal society is unclear, but the last time he ran away from his problems, he faked his identity and became "Will Bettelheim" by stealing the real Will's identity. Given that Joe's brother may look a lot like him, it's possible that Joe meets his baby bro solely for the purpose of using his name to live a relatively normal life again. That is, until, things become not normal, as is the case with Joe.

Joe's Brother Finds Him

As far as we know, Joe hasn't heard from his mom since he confronted her on the street, but that doesn't mean that his brother isn't aware that Joe exists. Maybe Joe's brother learns that he was killed by his wife Love and seeks to find some answers, leading him to a very-much-alive Joe in the process. Could Joe's brother also have the serial killer gene a la Dexter?

His Brother Ends Up In The Cage

Look, it feels pretty inevitable for someone to end up in a cage for Season 4 of You, and given that we just learned Joe's brother exists, it seems well within the realm of possibility that Joe considers killing him and instead, locks him up for safe keeping. The real question is: Could Jacob brother be as savvy as Joe is and find a way out?

Joe's Brother Is Even More Messed Up Than He Is

One way for You to explore the idea of nature vs. nurture would be to have Jacob have an ideal childhood, but an equally messed up relationship with murder. If Joe believes he was "taught" to be monstrous — and that he can fight against those tendencies if he really wants to — then meeting his biological sibling might invalidate that.

Joe's Brother Is... Theo

Hear me out! You made a big point in having Theo as Matthew's stepson, instead of the biological child. Could Theo's biological mom actually be Joe's mother? It would be a seriously weird twist, considering Theo's relationship with Love — and obviously a huge coincidence — but also, this is TV. Who knows, maybe he was well aware of his Joe connection and that's why he pursued Love in the first place. It's just an idea, people!

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