The Anti-Vaxxer Storyline On 'You' Season 3 Is Multi-Layered

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The Anti-Vaxxer Storyline On 'You' Season 3 Is Multi-Layered

Joe Goldberg is a stalker, a manipulator, a murderer, but one thing he is not is an anti-vaxxer. Spoilers for You Season 3 ahead. Just a few episodes into Season 3 of You, Joe and Love find themselves up against a new villain when their infant son (presumably too young to be vaccinated) contracts the measles. That's right, it's Season 3 of You vs. the anti-vaxxers.

Henry, Love and Joe's little murder baby, comes down with the measles in Episode 3 "Missing White Woman Syndrome" after attending a child's birthday party in their posh, Silicon Valley suburb neighborhood. And while Henry is admitted to the hospital, fighting for his life, and Love is left with the unfortunate task of contacting her fellow parents and delivering the news, there is a lingering question: how did baby Henry contract the measles anyways? The answer: anti-vaxxers, of course.

It turns out there's one couple that decided not to vaccinate their children, and when their kids got a mild case of the measles after Henry, they just sent them away for a while to recover so as to avoid any nasty stares by the neighbors. They didn't realize Henry could get so sick from the measles, said the mild-mannered father when he confessed to Love. "We just don't believe in subjecting kids to toxic injections they don't need to fight things their bodies were created to fight," he says. Honestly, I don't blame Love for hitting him in the head with her rolling pin.

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