Who's The Real Villain On 'You': Joe, Love, Or Marriage?

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Who's The Real Villain On 'You': Joe, Love, Or Marriage?

We know that Joe is a bad guy. He's killed his love interests (and their friends... and their families) for three seasons on Netflix's You, which, you know, makes it pretty obvious that he's not a Nice Person. But when it comes to his wife Love, in Season 3, she surprisingly takes the cake – or sugar-free tart – for the most attempted murders.

Did Love throw a lover down the stairs? Check. Bash in her next door neighbor's head? Of course. And don't forget that Love drove someone to suicide after blackmailing the resident nice guy of Madre Linda.

Joe's favorite hobby is stalking the objects of his affection while wearing his signature black baseball cap, but now that we've had time to digest who Love and what love is in the You-niverse, it's unclear if Joe really is the villain of Season 3.

The institution of marriage made Joe and Love way worse, but of the two, who's the most terrible?

Joe Will Never Be A Good Person

Joe just can't wash away his crimes in the Seine after fleeing to Paris. Our favorite bibliophile is truly a bad person who is deeply disturbed thanks to childhood trauma. But that's no excuse to murder people.

In case you didn't catch on to his condescending commentary or righteous reasonings for pre-meditating murders, Joe is a calculated killer who only honed his craft in Season 3. Sure, he had a lower body count than Love, but he also helped her hide dead bodies and kickstart a Gone Girl-esque narrative surrounding his next door neighbor and one-time fling.

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