Very Serious: How Can I Motivate Myself To Update My Computer?

- Very Serious: An Advice Column By Kelly Conaboy -
Very Serious: How Can I Motivate Myself To Update My Computer?

Kelly Conaboy is writing an advice column for Dipp readers. It's going to be very serious. So serious, in fact, we named it Very Serious: An Advice Column by Kelly Conaboy. Just slide into her DMs or email her at with your most crucial conundrums and each week, Kelly will solve one lucky reader's biggest problem in life. Previously, Kelly has tackled the stars, how to buy a couch, how to get over a break up, and how to ghost. This week, it's how to update your computer.

Dear Kelly,

I feel like "remind me again tonight" is the biggest lie I tell myself. I'm talking of course about my computer's daily request to update. This isn't yet a question but like, HOWWWW can I get myself to pull the trigger on updating my stupid computer???



The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves, Lindsay. That’s the saying, at least. I would say the worst lies are the kind from corporations covering up contamination in water supplies, or the ones that prolong hideously broken systems of policing, but as far as the saying goes the worst ones are the ones you tell yourself — and that’s including the ones about updating your computer later. And you should be ashamed!


Okay, now that you’ve been appropriately shamed we can move on. Lindsay, are you familiar with the thought experiment about the ship of Theseus? It’s the one where — okay, so there’s this ship. And over time the parts of the ship get shitty and are replaced with new parts. The planks, etc. Probably also the flag, and the ship steering wheel. Eventually, every part of the ship has gotten shitty and been replaced. And this is where the thought comes in. Now that every part is new, can it still be considered the same ship as the original ship?

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