Here's The Thing About Lala Kent's Supposed New Fling

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Here's The Thing About Lala Kent's Supposed New Fling

On the Vanderpump Rules reunion, Lala Kent had to bear the brunt of even more public humiliation. After her October breakup – sparked by the photos of ex-fiancé Randall Emmett with two young women – ended up being just the tip of the iceberg of the cheating rumors that would follow. Some of which were talked about on that reunion stage.

During the reunion, which was filmed at the beginning of December, 2021, Lala's cast mates cut her no slack because, well, she meddled all season, and projected a lot of her relationship drama on to other people, mostly Scheana Shay. When her friendships and relationship were brought up at the reunion, Lala appeared deeply hurt and full of raw emotion over her breakup, and over the distance from her cast mates. There were no signs of a desire to find a new man any time soon.

And on January 11, Lala and James Kennedy (who was also fresh off a breakup) appeared on Watch What Happens Live, where she was asked about her dating life post-split. She responded that she hasn't even thought of dating, especially because it would involve leaving daughter Ocean.

"I’ve been talking to some people but at this point in time I don’t think I can take time away from my daughter to go meet up with a guy. It just doesn’t feel right," she told Andy Cohen.

This is where things get interesting.

Not long after her WWHL appearance, Randall was spotted by an eagle-eyed Deux Moi follower at a wine bar in Sherman Oaks with a young blonde woman.

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Just about a week after the spotting, Lala revealed on an Amazon Live that she was, in fact, going on a group date.

Not only did she say that she was dipping her toe in the dating pool again, she even gave details of what the mystery man looked like.

"This guy is fine. He is very tall. He is built — like Superman — and has a lot of tattoos. And I like that. And he’s gentle. I’m very excited!" she said.

@Bravoandcocktails_ got a tip from a source that claimed the man who has Lala giddy again was former reality star Josh Stroh. Stroh hung out with the Pump Rules crew for years and is known around West Hollywood.

From head to toe, he matches the description of the man Lala spoke about during her Live.

Josh even seemed to confirm there was something going on between he and Lala: Josh teased Randall by reposting a meme made by an Instagram account, which sparked more rumors that he may be Lala's mystery "superman."

But on her assistant's Instagram Live, Lala denied she was dating Stroh. She implied internet sleuths had the wrong guy, which inspired web detectives to get at it once again. This time, they hypothesized that Lala was dating former basketball-player-turned-actor Julian Sensely. He, too, is built like Superman.

Lala's switch from saying on TV, in interviews, and on her podcast that she isn't interested in dating right now to suddenly dating (and talking about it!) in a matter of days has triggered some people to feel that ... maybe Lala isn't actually dating again? Maybe it's all just for show?

We all know that Lala has a huge ego and she could be setting up a PR relationship so she doesn't look bad again... and if so, it's a savvy move. Why not play the game a little? If Randall is going to be seen dating, you know Lala isn't just going to sit by and not react in some way.

Maybe she's really dating, or maybe she's just saying she's dating – either way, Teal Lala 100%.

What do you think? Is Lala getting it poppin' again or is she putting on a ruse to show Randall who's the real star?

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