Lala Kent Gives A Master Class In Projection

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Lala Kent Gives A Master Class In Projection

As of right now, Page Six has confirmed that Lala Kent and Randall Emmett have broken off their engagement and after the last few episodes of Vanderpump Rules, I can't say I'm shocked. Lala has been very protective of her relationship and her man since day one (remember when she flew off the handle when James Kennedy called him a "fat man who pays your rent" in Season 6?) but there is something a little off this season. And it feels like a lot of projecting.

And in Tuesday's episode I was like... hmm, something is amiss. I do think two things can be true at once, though. Lala can be a concerned friend for Scheana, and she can also be misdirecting a lot of her energy to focus on the potential problems in Scheana Shay's relationship rather than her own. And honestly, I think that's an easy thing to do.

Because, as much as Lala doesn't allow anyone to talk about it, her relationship with Randall hasn't been as perfect as she's pretended it to be. (Sound familiar? Cough Scheana cough.)

When Lala started dating Randall in Season 5, he was still legally married, but separated, and she wouldn't say his name on camera and he wouldn't show his face on the show. Katie Maloney-Schwartz called Lala a whore and a home-wrecker, which Lala denied. And we know now that Ariana Madix lied for Lala, claiming she wasn't dating a married man, even though she technically was.

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