Where To Buy Tom Schwartz & Sandoval's Whiskey "Good Lovin'"

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Where To Buy Tom Schwartz & Sandoval's Whiskey "Good Lovin'"

There's little I won't do to support the alcoholic endeavors of a Bravolebrity. I have spent my life savings on the very expensive but worth it Loverboy (Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula, did I pay for your wedding?); I've had my fair share of SkinnyGirl margaritas; and I'm loathe to admit I've had Ramona Singer's wine. And now, friends, we have Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz's whiskey to add to the list. It's called Toms' Good Lovin' Whiskey and I need it!!

Tom and Tom, who are opening a Franklin Village, Los Angeles bar called Schwartz and Sandy's, announced on Instagram on October 12 that their new whiskey (which seems to be unrelated to the bar) is now for sale.

"It’s our great pleasure to announce our whiskey is now available for purchase online! Spreading the love, one sip at a time. A lovely port blended bourbon with a nice rich mouthfeel. As well as our rye, spiced just right," the caption read.

[rich Embed]

Now, it was the word "online" that piqued my interest. Toms' Good Lovin' website doesn't do a great job at making it clear where you can buy it, but I did a little digging to find out how, exactly, I can order it and serve it in bowls for Thanksgiving.

We have four options.

Option #1: You can buy their whiskey on their website.

From The Good Lovin' website
Go For It
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