When Will Schwartz & Sandy's Open? Tom & Tom Have A Plan

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When Will Schwartz & Sandy's Open? Tom & Tom Have A Plan

In the first five episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 9, we've seen Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval talk about opening their bar. At first, it was going to be called Schwartz and Sandy's. Then it wasn't. Now it is. The pair officially landed on the name and a location, but when will Schwartz and Sandy's officially open?

The pair told Entertainment Tonight in early October that their bar would open in late 2021 or early 2022, depending on how "the final touches" turn out.

Update: On the Season 9 reunion that aired Tuesday, January 25, Tom Sandoval said that Schwartz & Sandy's will open in the spring of 2022.

Earlier: When they were filming back in the early summer, the bar was still very much unfinished (and you know our Sandoval – he has a big vision for the place that includes a second floor for eating!) so opening in the next month seems unlikely. Especially considering how candid they've been on the show about the struggle to finance the bar.

In Episode 5, Schwartz admits that his application for a home equity loan was denied, and his small business loan is still pending. Sandoval says he has enough to cover for Schwartz, which would make Sandoval a 67% owner with controlling interest.

In Episode 6, we meet Greg (without a last name) who's the Toms' business investor. Sandoval says "I've known Greg for a little while now. We met back when he owned The Belmont. We're working with Greg because we're going to get a level of creative control that we are not going to get working with Lisa."

We see Sandoval tour the bar and talk about dropping the ceiling and adding track lighting and adding a "starry night" with intimate spaces and open spaces... Greg isn't convinced. He tells the two that they need to convince him that they know what they want.

There's still no website for Schwartz and Sandy's and no Instagram account, so opening doesn't seem to be imminent. That said, whenever they do open, I cannot wait to go and get my Pastrami On Rye.. I mean, you know they have to name a drink that, right? After all this? They must.

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