The Top 5 Most Toxic Couples On Bravo, 'Housewives' Excluded

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The Top 5 Most Toxic Couples On Bravo, 'Housewives' Excluded

As Bravo fans, we have seen our fair share of toxicity on every show across the network, and if we're being honest, these poisonous relationships are kind of the backbone of a series. They're what hooks us! Their ups and downs are what keep us coming back week after week, season after season. But eventually... I reach my limit and things get a little too toxic for my liking, and I either need someone to break things off, or for someone to leave the show.

Below, I get into the most toxic Bravo relationships outside of the Housewives Universe (because, been there, done that). Today, we take a look at the god awful relationships on Vanderpump, Southern Charm, and more.

Let's start with these two.

Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney-Schwartz

Image: Bravo

Yes, I know they are not a couple, and one of them did get fired from Vanderpump Rules, but this friendship is incredibly toxic. It is rooted in negativity and listen, I'm not one of those toxic positivity bitches who is like, "Guys, let's see the glass half full," because sometimes things are just shitty and it's okay to just be honest about that, because these women take things to another level.

We saw some extreme toxicity when Katie outgrew Stassi during Seasons 3 and 4, when Scheana Shay was getting married .... which is usually a happy time for people but all Stassi wanted to do was gossip about how tacky the wedding will be and how Katie has to pick sides, but Katie grew tired of that. It's exhausting to be around.

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