Who's The Most Toxic 'Housewives' Couple In Franchise History?

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Who's The Most Toxic 'Housewives' Couple In Franchise History?

A lot of us watch the Real Housewives for a little bit of escapism with a dash of wish fulfillment, but there are moments where the Housewives and their relationships are the complete opposite.

After 15 years of watching the series, I've become an expert in spotting the toxicity of a Housewives couple and their specialized blend of cheating, "traditionalism," tax evasion, and complete lack of mutual love and respect. It's a triggering area of expertise, but someone's gotta call it out.

Here are my top 10 most toxic Housewives couples of all time.

10. Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas

Image: Bravo

Peter and Cynthia had it rough from the jump. Now, with that said, I don't think Peter is a bad guy. I think this was just two people who really should not have gotten married. Remember when the ladies just asked about the wedding and Cynthia fled the room in tears? Girl. That is maybe a sign not to go through with it.

They were miserable 75% of the time, and constantly stressed about Bar (N) One, and her family's constant interference in their relationship. Her mom and sister hid the fucking marriage license the day of the wedding!!

Now, Cynthia really had to put up with a lot because eventually there were cheating rumors swirling about Peter at his bar, which he opened up several states away. Doesn't scream healthy marriage to me. And we cannot forget their vow renewal. But in the end, they divorced, thank god, and she met Mr. Mike Hill and #CHill was born.

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