Does Tom Schwartz's Hat Reveal The Name Of His New Bar?

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Does Tom Schwartz's Hat Reveal The Name Of His New Bar?

I don't mean to brag, but I've been to SUR, I've been to Pump, and I've been to TomTom. And you bet your orange hair-dye I'd go to Schwartz and Sandy's, should it ever open, and should that be the name of the bar that Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval decide on. Which they should! It's a good name! Anyway, I saw something in the "this season on" trailer for Vanderpump Rules that makes me wonder if they name the bar... Schwartz's Anchor Bar.

In a conversation with Katie Maloney, we see Schwartz wearing a "Schwartz's Anchor Bar" hat. Now, when you Google "Schwartz's Anchor Bar" there are no applicable results, and there certainly isn't a smoking gun that ties this name back to our Toms, like, say, a name registration for a Franklin Village, Los Angeles bar.

The "Schwartz" of it all aside, there's only one "Anchor Bar "with an online presence, which seems shocking. Point is, the name seems pretty available for the taking. But since "Schwartz's Anchor Bar" is not (yet) findable online ... that means it's kind of weird that Tom would have a hat for a place that doesn't (yet) exist.


1) Does Schwartz's Anchor Bar exist, in that it's the bar that Tom and Tom eventually open??

2) Is the hat an inside joke, perhaps a token of a paternal family member's bachelor party?

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