Is Schwartz & Sandy's Real Or Just A Figment Of An Acid Trip?

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Is Schwartz & Sandy's Real Or Just A Figment Of An Acid Trip?

Have you ever tripped at this bar in Franklin Village called Schwartz and Sandy's? It's such a hip spot. If I had to describe it, I'd say, it's like James Turrell (he's a light artist) went over to his grandma's house and took some acid. It's got textures and colors and a booth like, on the second floor, where you can eat and look down on the people below. I get a boner just thinking about it.

I know you have never been to Schwartz and Sandy's, though, so that was a trick question. I also know that you haven't done acid there, and I know you've never sat in the VIP area, overlooking Tom Sandoval and/or Tom Schwartz making drinks on opening night.

Schwartz and Sandy's hasn't opened yet. In fact, we don't know if it will ever open. [UPDATE: The Toms told Entertainment Tonight it will open in late 2021 or early 2022.] All we know for sure at this moment is that a couple of months ago, when they were filming the premiere for Vanderpump Rules Season 9, Tom and Tom had bought a bar/restaurant in Franklin Village in Los Angeles (without Lisa Vanderpump's money, but with her blessing) and were debating what to name it.

Schwartz, ever the puppy who's just peed on the carpet, doesn't like the name. Katie Maloney-Schwartz, his wife, really doesn't like the name. Sandoval loves it. Ariana Madix is playing both sides. But back to Katie, because her take on the name Schwartz and Sandy is hilarious.

"We gotta do a double-decker booth, like, up here!!!" 
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