Schwartz & Sandy's To-Do List, Revealed

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Schwartz & Sandy's To-Do List, Revealed

On Tuesday's episode of Vanderpump Rules, the storylines are weak. When we have a cast member tasting basic food for the first time, you know we're in trouble. That, combined with Raquel Leviss' breakdown explaining that James Kennedy isn't an abuser (which only makes everyone wonder if he is) and we've got a very bleak episode. Thank god, though, for Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, the bright stars this season, who drink mushroom tea before getting to work on their Schwartz and Sandy's to-do list. That made the episode worthwhile.

Of course, Sandoval is the one who made the list. He means business. The two Toms need to impress their co-investor and famous restauranteur Greg Morris and show him that they know what they're doing. The Toms gather at Sandoval's house to brainstorm what, exactly, Schwartz and Sandy's will be all about before meeting with Greg.

The Toms are certain of a couple of things. They want their bar to have cool lights (a James Turrell vibe, if you will), they want it to have good drinks (Sandoval prepares a Coors Light on ice like no one else), and they want it to have a wow-factor.

So, how do they set out to achieve this? Here's what's on their to-do:

  • Lock in a clear and simple theme
  • Write a one paragraph description
  • Come up with a one sentence "mission statement"
  • Focus on design
  • Finalise menu
  • Finalise cocktail menu
  • Choose a name

Well, fellas, you're good on the name! We saw in last week's episode that they're officially going with "Schwartz and Sandy's."

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