Where Is Schwartz & Sandy's? I'm 99% Positive I Found The Location

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Where Is Schwartz & Sandy's? I'm 99% Positive I Found The Location

I've pieced together all the clues from Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules and have found what I believe to be the exact address and location of Schwartz and Sandy's. Hear me out.

Over the course of the season, Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval have dropped hints about their bar and its location and theme and now that we're about a quarter of the way through the season, there have been enough bread crumbs to lead me to a place in Franklin Village.

Now, the location of "Franklin Village" in Los Angeles (which is north of Hollywood Blvd. and on the southern boarder of the Hollywood Hills) is not a secret. Whenever Tom and Tom tour the space on the show, the graphics reveal the name of the neighborhood they're in. The graphics on-screen also reveal the name of Tom and Tom's business partner. They call him Greg.

On the show, Greg has no last name, but Sandoval says Greg is a former owner of The Belmont. Using that information, it's discoverable that the mysterious Greg the Toms work with is Greg Morris, a veteran restaurateur in Los Angeles.

Morris' restaurants include the aforementioned Belmont Lounge, Oak Fire Pizzeria, Spanish Kitchen, the Oaks Gourmet, Olive Kitchen + Bar, Franklin & Company Local Tavern, and in 2018 he opened La Villita Cantina.

La Villita Cantina occupied the former location of the beloved Victor's Square Deli, which Eater described as a "restaurant that stood as a celebration of Jewish deli cuisine" for 25 years.

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