Laura-Leigh Era Of 'Vanderpump Rules' Was Peak Reality TV

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Laura-Leigh Era Of 'Vanderpump Rules' Was Peak Reality TV

The early seasons of Vanderpump Rules were an art form. Peak reality TV, if you will. (Stassi's "it's my fucking birthday" tirade, Kristen lying about sleeping with Jax. I mean, the list is endless here, people.)

But we really should also take a moment to thank one cast member for her short-lived but memorable stint on the show that made VPR the dramatic, escapist WeHo-centric series it once was. That's right, I'm talking about Vanderpump Rules star (star?) Laura-Leigh. Formerly known as the SUR server who hooked up with Jax in Season 1 and was routinely emotionally manipulated by the then 33-year-old bartender on the rebound, later to become Kymberly/Boner Garage in We Are the Millers, Laura-Leigh, we bow down to you.

Travel back in time with me and relive the incredible journey we all went on in 2013 that ultimately made the show the best it has ever been.

  • Her high-pitched voice. Look, it's her voice, it's who she is. Not something that detracts from her abilities as a SUR waitress. But no one else talked like that, so her voice was the subject of many a confessional from Scheana to Stassi.
  • The infamous SUR hookup. Jax and Laura-Leigh may have had sex in the bathroom at Takami and in the VIP bathroom at SUR, but weren't we the real winners watching Ken Todd painstakingly delivering the news that they were caught on the restaurant's security camera?
  • Further evidence Jax should not have been allowed within 10 feet of women. The guy literally hedges the idea of breaking up with Laura-Leigh after she takes him to one of her addiction recovery meetings and is completely vulnerable. In the spirit of slowing things down, Jax suggests they keep up their busy sex life though. Incredulous? Yes. A total Jax move? Completely.
  • Stassi Vs. Laura-Leigh. Stassi loved putting people in their place as reigning princess of SUR in Season 1. (She was a contestant on Queen Bees, after all.) And sure, Stassi was hurt by her breakup with Jax, but the barrage of text messages she sent Laura-Leigh were next level. And listening to Laura-Leigh read off the volatile messages to the other SUR staffers while Scheana sipped on a Bloody Mary from a Solo cup? Perfection.
  • Lisa's iconic "payback's a bitch." After Jax owned up to still being in love with Stassi and Laura-Leigh was left to pick up the pieces, she miraculously booked her role opposite Jennifer Aniston in We're the Millers literally the next episode and high tailed it to North Carolina, never to serve SUR's goat cheese balls again.

At the end of the day, it sucks that Laura-Leigh was caught in the middle of The Most Toxic Relationship That Ever Existed (Stassi and Jax, of course). But damn, if she didn't bring us some of the best episodes of reality television that ever existed. I tip my hat, Laura-Leigh. Thank you.


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