Did Lala & Randall Break Up? Here's What We Know

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Did Lala & Randall Break Up? Here's What We Know

Seeing Lala Kent and Randall Emettt's on-screen relationship on Vanderpump Rules gave me hope that the two of them were absolutely in it for the long haul. Randall, with his wisdom and patience and an eagerness to buy expensive gifts, seemed to be a great match for Lala – but now, after this weekend's social media swirl, did Lala and Randall break up?

It'd be a real shame if so because just last week, Randall grew on me during the second episode of Vanderpump Season 9 where he was all of us while monster Brock Davies casually explained the tale of why he hasn't seen his kids in four years. Rand's shocked and disgusted look said it all, but now? Well, as usual, I have made an ass out of myself by giving Rand any credit at all.

I'm putting on my rainbow wig, clown suit, and red nose as I walk us through all the signs that Vanderpump's so-weird-it-just-might-work couple could be over. Or maybe it's for publicity? Anyway, let's dive in.

A Man Who Looks A Lot Like Randall Was Seen With Two Women

On Friday, Instagram account (@Girlgangz7773) posted a tip of what seemed to be a man that looks like Randall with two women in Nashville. The tipster who sent in the photos added that as soon as he was recognized – he tried to hide.

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