Brock Davies Presents: 7 Red Flags In 42 Minutes

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Brock Davies Presents: 7 Red Flags In 42 Minutes

Even if you're just an average Vanderpump Rules watcher, you've had your Sche-wakening and came to realize that Scheana Marie has always been the most genuine one on the show. Her only fault is trying to be everyone's friend and, yeah, being a bit obsessive. Which leads me to her soon-to-be husband/baby-daddy/rude marsupial, Brock Davies.

From Instagram and Scheana's vlogs, I thought she had met her match. Brock shares her love for social media, unique fashion, and according to Tuesday night's episode of WWHL, the man can hang a TV in five and a half minutes.

But before WWHL, we got more information about Brock while the cast was in Palm Springs to celebrate Rachella. And let's just say, I did not like what I saw. I'm worried for our little Sche-Sche, because during Tuesday night's episode alone, Brock:

  • Called Scheana's mom their employee multiple times
  • Forgot or ignored it was Scheana's mom's birthday and that she had a bad back, and forced her to work while he...
  • Left her and Scheana with Summer Moon to practice pickleball only to LOSE THE GAME
  • Scolded Scheana for making him seem like the bad guy because he left to play golf when she was having a miscarriage
  • Mocked Scheana's hormones, and rolled his eyes at her
  • Defended his choice to get more sleep than Scheana, because he's not "pumping out milk anytime soon"
  • Did a terrible job of explaining why he hasn't seen his first two children in four years, even though he has gone back to Australia with Scheana, ever since he left four years ago to "provide for a better life"

It was revealed that Summer Moon was born on the same day as his first daughter – but that's not even the gag. His first daughter's name is Winter and to put it in the words of Lala Kent: "If Randall went off and had another baby and named her Lake I'd be pissed."

Obviously, there's always more to the story – at least, Scheana tells us there is – but I just can't imagine a good excuse as to why his ex-wife would cut Brock, and his entire family, off from his kids. I will let the season play out but I just want to say I am a l a r m e d.

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