Scheana, Honey, Brock Davies Is A Nightmare

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Scheana, Honey, Brock Davies Is A Nightmare

It's the ninth season of Vanderpump Rules and I feel like I know these people better than I know some of my own family members. I know what triggers them, I know when they are lying, and I can see when someone is living in their own delusions. And yes, I am talking about Scheana Marie Shay.

Over the years we have watched Scheana get married, get divorced, fall in love with a man who can hang a TV in seven minutes, and now we get to see her as a mother with her new beau Brock Davies. And wow. We are getting some Rob Valletta level of delusion, once again.

Scheana by nature wants everything to be perfect, from the outside. She always has. When she was marrying her ex-husband Mike Shay, she made sure the wedding was planned to the minute, eventually losing her cool over the fact that her wedding planner didn't seem to meet her standards. And throughout her relationship with Shay, it was all about how it looked, keeping a lot of the reality away from her friends and family.

Shay secretly struggled with an addiction to pills, and would leave for days at a time, and she never told anyone, until she just had a breaking point. The cast tried to intervene to help them mend their relationship and get Shay back on track, but it wasn't enough.

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