The 'Ted Lasso' Season 2 Premiere Date Makes Us All Winners This Summer

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The 'Ted Lasso' Season 2 Premiere Date Makes Us All Winners This Summer

The good coach is coming back to spread his optimism and team spirit this summer. On April 20, the Ted Lasso Season 2 premiere date was announced with the Apple TV+ show returning on Friday, July 23. No news on whether the 4-20 announcement was a loose tie-in to the hazy acceptance speech Jason Sudeikis gave during the Golden Globes, but whether you're more inclined to wear a tie-dye hoodie or a football kit, today's a high holy day for all the Ted Lasso fans out there.

The Season 1 finale saw AFC Richmond losing their Premier League status and being relegated to the Championship League. But that's not enough to keep Coach Lasso down! (Even if he did try to quit.) So in the Season 2 promo that accompanied the premiere date news, the Greyhounds — and kindness — are attempting a comeback.

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Jamie Tartt, who beat his old team with Manchester City, didn't make an appearance in the Season 2 preview. But a new character in the form of the sugar-abstaining sports psychologist Sharon was introduced. (She's played by Sarah Niles, who notably also played a mental health professional in I May Destroy You.) Ted may not get Sharon to eat his cookies, but — just like the sign over the door of Richmond's locker room says — you better believe he will win her over by the end of the season. Or, perhaps, while he's helping his team to connect to their emotions, Sharon will get Ted to dig a little deeper into his.

As for the rest of your faves, Coach Beard, Higgins, and Nate the Great are still Ted's trusted wingmen. Ted and Rebecca have elevated their friendship status to sharing cocktails and girl talks. Then, there's Keeley, Roy, and Roy's even thicker beard looking as happy as ever. And oh yeah, there's, of course, football with Sam and Dani leading the struggling team.

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As for the release schedule, Season 1 dropped its first three episodes on Aug. 14, 2020, with the remaining seven episodes premiering each week. Season 2 will have 12 episodes, but no update on how Apple TV plans to roll those out. But Ted Lasso was already renewed for a third (and possibly final?) season, so there will be more coach to come after Season 2 drops in July 2021. And no matter if AFC Richmond ends up with a winning season or not, Ted Lasso fans are the real winners this summer.


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