Who Will Play Joe Biden On 'SNL' Now? Let's Weigh The Odds

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Who Will Play Joe Biden On 'SNL' Now? Let's Weigh The Odds

Supporters of the Democratic party were dealt a win in November when Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 election. And supporters of comedy were dealt a win one month later when Jim Carrey announced he would no longer play Biden on Saturday Night Live. Despite most reporting that indicated the actor was commissioned for the season, Carrey claimed in a tweet published Saturday that he was only committed to the role for six weeks, and that he is just one in a "long line of proud, fighting SNL Bidens." But who will play Joe Biden on SNL now that Carrey is out?

Though history might point to a continued use of stunt casting for the high-profile role, Carrey's decision does allow space for the current cast to shine — something fans like yours truly have fought for all season. Who might step up to the plate? Let's play the odds.

UPDATE: Alex Moffat played Biden in Saturday's cold open, proving four years of under-the-radar excellence pays off.

The Sure Bets

Beck Bennett

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Why It's Likely: Bennett has already played nearly every major figure in Washington, with his turns as Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence being 2020 mainstays. And don't forget his turn as the outgoing U.S. President — Vladimir Putin, that is.

Why It's Unlikely: Bennett has already played nearly every major figure in Washington. Not only would it be a bit of a creative letdown to see him score the role, but SNL's future Biden is going to need someone to play off of in future sketches.

Odds: 1 in 4

Mikey Day

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Why It's Likely: Carrey's Biden was wistful, while Sudeikis' was acerbic, but it's high time Americans get a little comedic relief from the U.S. president in the form of goofiness. And Day, the man who created David S. Pumpkins, can sell goofy.

Why It's Unlikely: With the exception of playing Don Jr., the straight man to Alex Moffat's Eric, Day has stayed pretty far from SNL's Washington. And would we really want to sacrifice the creativity that goes into these in order to see in him our cold opens?

Odds: 1 in 5

Jason Sudeikis

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Why It's Likely: Though Kevin Nealon was the first play Biden on Saturday Night Live, Sudeikis' version of Obama's vice president is certainly the most famous — and beloved. Plus, the actor is riding the critical high of Ted Lasso, and he didn't necessary say he wasn't returning when talking to Good Morning America this summer about the topic. Who doesn't want to see him back at Studio 8H?

Why It's Unlikely: Well, Sudeikis might not want to be back at Studio 8H. The comedian did have the most awkward good-bye episode, and, as we mentioned, Ted Lasso has turned him into a comedy darling. Why risk ruining that reputation with some inevitably subpar cold opens?

Odds: 3 in 20

The Dark Horses

Alex Moffat

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Why It's Likely: Out of anyone in the cast, Moffat most resembles the soon-to-be sitting president. Plus, his standout Eric Trump showed he could handle political humor while channeling a childlike sweetness that could prove fitting in a Biden impersonation. And if any cast member finally deserves his due on Saturday Night Live, it's the under-appreciated Moffat. Let's let the Guy Who Just Bought A Boat become the Guy That Finally Gets The Spotlight.

Why It's Unlikely: Moffat has simmered beneath SNL's surface for four years.It would be disappointing, but not surprising, to see him passed over this season too.

Odds: 1 in 10

Bowen Yang

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Why It's Likely: Though still a featured player, Yang has become SNL's newest star, channeling the absurdity in this world's headlines in a way few others can. (See here.) His take on Biden would be both biting and exciting, bringing energy to cold opens that have been a bit too chilly in recent years.

Why It's Unlikely: Yang seems to have the most fun with character work. Would a Biden turn stretch him creatively, or keep him from his sitting in his sweet spot?

Odds: 1 in 20

Ego Nwodin

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Why It's Likely: Her turn as Dionne Warwick proved she can do spot-on impressions. And isn't it time we had a woman running this country?

Why It's Unlikely: Though SNL has exhibited creativity in its political casting during this administration (see: Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, and Kate McKinnon as, well, virtually every male leader in Washington), it would certainly be a break from tradition. But, then again, so was Alec Baldwin.

Odds: 1 in 40

Kate McKinnon

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Why It's Likely: She's played Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Kellyanne Conway, Betsy DeVos, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Rudy Giuliani, Lindsey Graham, Angela Merkel, Jeff Sessions, and Anthony Fauci. The fact that she hasn't already played Biden is surprising.

Why It's Unlikely: See above. Plus, who else would play all of Biden's cabinet?

Odds: 1 in 40

The Wishful Thinking

No One

Why It's Likely: My god, we just Need. A. Break.

Why It's Unlikely: If a political cold open doesn't fall from Studio 8H, does SNL exist?

Odds: Zero

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