Netflix's 'Shadow And Bone' Trailer Is The Reason I Have Trust Issues

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Netflix's 'Shadow And Bone' Trailer Is The Reason I Have Trust Issues

The YA Fantasy adaptation strikes again. On Tuesday, March 30, Netflix finally dropped the full-length trailer for Shadow and Bone, the series adaptation of Leigh Bardugo's fantasy novel. And, after watching approximately two minutes and thirty seconds worth of show, I have come to the conclusion that not one character in this show can be trusted — except for maybe the protagonist.

The trailer introduces us to Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), our heroine, who, in the middle of an attack on her ship in the dark Shadow Fold, saves everyone using her power to summon light. Her display of power immediately throws her in the middle of her land Ravka's political and military agenda. Enemy lands place a bounty on her head, meanwhile General Kirigan (Ben Barnes) seeks to use her power to go into the Shadow Fold once more and free Ravka from its monstrous threats. Or so he says.

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One would have to be a fool to trust General Kirigan. In fact, I'd say that almost nobody in this trailer is trustworthy. Alina's powers make her a one in a million asset, and if she thinks people aren't going to try to take advantage of her, she's crazy. Luckily, she has one ally on her side, Malyen (Archie Renaux), an old friend who promises to look after her no matter what. But, other than his sweet, innocent face, everyone else seen in the trailer is pretty suss. So, I've compiled a preliminary guide of supporting characters, ranging form least suspect, to the biggest red flag of all.

Malven — 100% Trustworthy

In the trailer, Malven is giving off major childhood BFF-turned-lover vibes. He was clearly loyal to Alina before she unleashed her powers, He's giving off major protector vibes and I'm into it.

Kaz (Freddy Carter) — Run

Kaz doesn't appear much in the trailer, only to ominously declare, "She's real," which makes me think he's one of Ravka's enemies that is going to try to stop her. It looks like he might being be rounding up a crew of assassins to hunt Alina.

Inaj (Amita Suman) — Nope.

Based on her brief appearances in the trailer, Inaj seems like one of the people desperate to get her hands on Alina and her special gifts. She's got some knives and a badass looking corset that makes me think she could beat anybody in a fight.

Jesper (Kit Young) — Definitely Murderous

Another one of Kaz's group, Jesper is introduced shooting a hole in a metal coin, so you know he's a powerful threat. He seems reckless and very talented with a gun — a lethal combination.

Milana (Julia Ubrankovics) — Threat Level: Midnight

Milana seems to have the power to compel people to tell the truth, and that kind of skill can never really be trusted. At least, not at first. She's also part of Kaz's gang, and really, maybe Alina should just steer clear of all of them, just to be safe.

Baghra (Zoë Wanamaker) — ???

In the trailer, Bahgra appears as someone training Alina to use her powers. Sounds nice, but her position as someone who could shape how Alina understands her powers makes her immediately untrustworthy. Especially if she's working with General Kirigan.

General Kirigan (Ben Barnes) — Definitely Evil

I have not read the Shadow and Bone book, but one cannot look at Ben Barnes in this floor-length black coat and think that he is a good guy in this story. Plus the way he menacingly approaches Alina when he confronts her about her powers is extremely predatory. Get out before he can hurt you, Alina!

So far, Shadow and Bone seems to be a cautionary tale against trusting anyone, and, honestly, at this point, why not? The series premieres on Netflix April 23.


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