9 Questions 'The Irregulars' Season 2 Needs To Answer

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9 Questions 'The Irregulars' Season 2 Needs To Answer

The Irregulars covered a lot of ground in Season 1. From Jessie heroically closing the rip to John overcoming his own issues in order to be there for Bea, the finale actually felt like a complete story. So if for some reason Netflix decides not to order a Season 2, at least viewers can rest easy knowing the show didn't end on a cliffhanger. However, if Netflix does renew this topsy-turvy Sherlock Holmes tale, there's plenty of leftover questions The Irregulars Season 2, if the show gets one.

Obviously there are going to be spoilers for Season 1 that follow.

While writer and creator Tom Bidwell tied up most of the major questions introduced in the show's first season, he also wisely left a number of smaller story threads lingering. One of the most pressing questions involves The Linen Man's family, but I'm also extremely concerned about Leo and Bea's forced breakup, too. That's the beauty of The Irregulars — one minute it's dazzling you with wild supernatural twists, and the next it has you overinvesting in the teenage romance of it all.

Read on for the nine most pressing questions The Irregulars needs to answer in Season 2 — including whether or not we've really seen the last of Henry Lloyd-Hughes' tortured, Bohemian take on Sherlock Holmes.

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