Sherlock & Watson Are The Real Villains In 'The Irregulars'

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Sherlock & Watson Are The Real Villains In 'The Irregulars'

In The Irregulars, Bea and her friends fight a man who can control birds and a serial killer who uses dead bodies to cast spells on her next victims. But through all the murder and supernatural mayhem, it's their "allies" Sherlock and Watson who are the real Irregulars villains.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of The Irregulars follow.

Midway through Season 1, Bea finds out that Sherlock was engaged to her mother, Alice, and is the father of her sister, Jessie. But, when Alice died soon after Jessie's birth, he abandoned them. If it hadn't been for the new supernatural anomaly in the city — the rip — and Bea's determination, he never would have reconnected with them.

The narrative of the absentee dad might not, on it's own, rise up to villain status, but given what we know about Sherlock and what we know about Bea and Jessie's childhood, it's not great. As orphans, Bea and Jessie ended up being used for child labor at the workhouse, where Bea was regularly beaten. One time, according to Billy, she was so badly injured she spent weeks in the hospital. Even after the workhouse, Jessie and Bea were always scrambling for money. At one point, Bea mentions that they were close to starving to death. No help came from Sherlock or Watson.

It's especially egregious when you realize that Watson has been keeping tabs on them. In the first episode, he seeks out Bea and specifically asks for her and Jessie's help on a case. He's known that they were living in a cellar right below his posh 221b Baker Street apartment this entire time. And, yet, he didn't say anything. He only showed up when he needed Jessie's special skills — when she was useful to him.

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