'LuLaRich's Derryl Trujillo Updates: From Volleyball To Kelly Clarkson

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'LuLaRich's Derryl Trujillo Updates: From Volleyball To Kelly Clarkson

Forget the Emmys, if you want to watch some good TV, Amazon's LuLaRich docuseries is it. It has everything: MLM drama, weird religious founders, family scandal, women making millions, women going into extreme debt, and, the true standout, Derryl Trujillo, who told LuLarich filmmakers that he dreams of watching as the FBI raids the LuLaRoe offices.

LuLaRich's Derryl stole the show thanks to his sweet demeanor and delight at quoting Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. All he wanted was to be a high school volleyball ref, and instead, he got roped into working for a pyramid scheme. All he wanted was to enjoy listening to Kelly Clarkson, and instead he has to boycott her because she performed at a LuLaRoe event in 2018. Bu there's more to Derryl than what was shown on LuLaRich.

Derryl Doesn't Really Hold A Grudge Against Kelly Clarkson

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One of the best moments of the docuseries came when Derryl mourned the fact that he couldn't listen to one of his favorite song, Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean's duet "Don't You Wanna Say" (admittedly, a very good song), after Clarkson appeared at a LuLaRoe event. "The company made retailers jump through all of these hoops to get their money back, yet they spent that on Kelly Clarkson," he explained of his pseudo boycott. "I mean, that was probably an easy convention performance for her. But for a retailer out there, [Clarkson's] fee was their refund."

Speaking with Vanity Fair after the premiere of LuLaRich, Derryl clarified his boycott of Clarkson, saying that he doesn't leave a public space if Clarkson's music was playing in the background, but he just doesn't enjoy it anymore. He also noted that he doesn't hold it against Clarkson personally, but is disappointed that the person on her team who booked the show didn't do their due diligence on the company. "If they had done their job, they would've known that LuLaRoe was being sued for millions. And who knows? She might've said no."

Derryl hasn't commented further, but he did like the tweet above asking Clarkson to respond to his interview. So, he's open to returning to the Clarkson fandom, though he did respond, "I don't hold my breath at this point."

Why Doesn't Derryl Boycott Katy Perry?

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After Derryl declared his distaste for Clarkson post-LuLaRoe, fans immediately wondered why he didn't have the same ire for Katy Perry, who had done the LuLaRoe gig the year before Clarkson. Well, there's a very simple explanation: Derryl didn't really like Katy Perry to begin with. "I'm not a Katy Perry fan," he explained on Twitter. I'll allow it.

Derryl Is A Sports Writer

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Derryl left LuLaRoe in 2017 after working there for 1 year and 8 months, per his LinkedIn, and he's been working as a journalist ever since. Derryl mostly works covering local sports where he lives in southern California — including high school volleyball. His Twitter is mostly just sports commentary, and while he said on Twitter that fans curious about his fight against LuLaRoe should check out his Facebook, it's actually even more sparse.

Derryl doesn't appear to have posted on his personal page since 2015, but he has used it to make anti-LuLaRoe comments on other posts. After fellow LuLaRich star Roberta Blevins posted about Jen Shah's arrest in March, Derryl called on California to file similar charges against LuLaRoe founders Mark and DeAnne Stidham. "Now if only the United States Attorney for the Central District of California would file charges on Mark and DeAnne and their entire family my year would be made," he wrote.

Derryl Does Still Ref Volleyball

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Derryl might make a living writing, but he hasn't forgotten his love of high school volleyball. According to Twitter, he still "moonlights as a volleyball ref" every now and then. He also works retail.

Derryl Believes LuLaRoe Hurt His Career

Derryl worked as a "retailer services email associate," which eventually meant he was tasked with answering calls from upset retailers filling complaints on merchandise. According to Derry's appearance on Blevins' Life After MLM podcast, complaints could be anything from repeated charges to a retailer to one retailer calling to complain about how another retailer was acting on social media. He only realized that LuLaRoe's corporate side wasn't really indicative of normal companies after meeting other former LuLaRoe employees on Facebook. "I got into the defector's group," he told Blevins, "And then I started to realize everything out of our purview that was being said, like DeAnne telling you to get a new husband."

After leaving LuLaRoe, he stayed away from any corporate business jobs because of his horrible experience at the company. (Though he also told Blevins that he felt having LuLaRoe on his resumé is keeping him from getting other corporate jobs.)

The Hope Of LuLaRoe's Eventual Demise Keeps Derryl Going

Derryl might not be super happy with where he is career-wise, but he has a very clear drive: he wants to see LuLaRoe taken down for good. "The reason I go to work in the morning is to know that we're one day closer to justice coming for Mark and DeAnne," he told Blevins.

Amen, Derryl. Amen.


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