When Did 'RHOSLC' Film? Here's How Jen Shah's Arrest Timeline Lines Up With Season 2

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When Did 'RHOSLC' Film? Here's How Jen Shah's Arrest Timeline Lines Up With Season 2

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2 is not wasting any time. Bravo dropped the first two minutes of the RHOSLC Season 2 premiere as an exclusive on Tuesday, Sept. 7, just days before the episode is set to air, and it literally kicks off with Jen Shah's arrest.

In the clip, the women are meeting on a party bus, getting ready for a trip. Jen is ready to go, waiting in the car, when she gets a call from her husband, and suddenly things turn serious. "Wait — OK... OK," she says on the phone, before asking Whitney to turn off her mic and leaving abruptly. Then, the cops show up. "Oh my gosh," Whitney Rose says reading from her phone once the group is finally on the road. "Real Housewives star charged in massive fraud money laundering scheme," she informs the group. (Shah is currently facing federal charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering for what authorities believe was a telemarketing scam. She has denied all allegations.) "I have chills," she adds. Same, girl, same.

This is definitely a Housewives first — not every season of the reality franchise starts with one of its leading cast members getting arrested. But, just because the season starts with Jen's arrest doesn't mean that's actually when they started filming. If you're feeling a little fuzzy on the timeline, here's how Jen Shah's arrest lines up with RHOSLC.

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