Where Are The LuLaRoe Retailers Now? 'LuLaRich' Only Scratched The Surface

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Where Are The LuLaRoe Retailers Now? 'LuLaRich' Only Scratched The Surface

If you've watched LuLaRich, Amazon Prime Video's 4-episode LuLaRoe docuseries, then you know that the real stars aren't the famously ugly leggings, or the eccentric couple at the top. The real stars of LuLaRich are the retailers. Most of the LuLaRoe employees interviewed in the series had already left the company before sitting down with the filmmakers, and their stories don't stop there. After LuLaRich, the LuLaRoe retailers are still telling their stories on Instagram, Facebook, and even on podcasts.

Here's everything you need to know about where the LuLaRoe retailers are now, and where you can find them.

Roberta Blevins

Image: Courtesy of Amazon

Instagram: @therealrobertablevins

In the documentary, Blevins said that when she left LuLaRoe, she wanted to dedicate herself to helping get other people out of MLMs, and she has definitely followed through on that promise. She currently hosts a podcast called Life After MLM, and she recently did an entire series called LuLaBitch on her experience with the company. She also shares more BTS LuLaRoe stories on TikTok.

Ashleigh Lautaha

Image: Courtesy of Amazon

Instagram: @itsashleighrawson

I am no investigative journalist, but put the name "Ashleigh Lautaha" in Google and there are plenty of interesting things that come up. In the documentary, she refused to give exact figures on her bonus checks, though it's implied that some were for well over $1 million. (According to Maile Cabral on Twitter, documents form the Washington State Attorney General suggest that Lautaha earned over $2 million in bonuses, but I was unable to confirm this data independently.)

Bonus figures aside, it does appear that Lautaha got a PPP loan in August of 2020 for $29,003, or at least someone with the brand "Ashleigh Luataha LLC" did. According to the official record, the company is a "women's children's, and infants' clothing and accessories merchant wholesale." So, unless there's another Ashleigh Lautaha in Washington selling clothes, I'm thinking this is the same woman. Obviously, we don't know what the PPP Loan was for, or how it was used, but it's definitely interesting, especially considering that she appears to have still been working with LuLaRoe at least through April of that year.

Per her Instagram, Lautaha has since left Washington and moved to Utah. In a post shared on the week of the LuLaRich premiere, Lautaha wrote that she was not "paid hundreds of thousands of dollars" for her appearance in the series, but did it to "tell MY truth."

Courtney Harwood

Image: Courtesy of Amazon

Instagram: @townsonandmain

In the doc, Courtney Harwood claimed that LuLaRoe ruined her life, pressured her to have weight loss surgery in Mexico, and accused the company of owing her close to $100,000. And, while it seems that she does still have ties to her former LuLaRoe colleagues, she's less inclined to put herself out there. In August, Blevins posted a TikTok teasing a Q&A podcast episode with Harwood, but the episode is not available on any platform currently hosting her Life After MLM podcast. After doing a little Instagram digging, I was able to find that post-LuLaRoe, Harwood attempted to continue working in retail, setting up a Facebook Shop called Townson & Main. The company claimed to sell goods from "fair trade artisans from around the world," but hasn't been active on Instagram or Facebook since 2019.

LaShae Kimbrough

Image: Courtesy of Amazon

Instagram: @misseslbc

Post-LuLaRoe, LaShae Kimbrough launched her own clothing company, NShoodies, and she frequently updates followers about her life on Instagram. According to her social media, she recently celebrated her son's 17th birthday and got a new puppy.

Tiffay Ivanosky

Image: Courtesy of Amazon

Instagram: @tiffany_emmalous

Tiffany Ivanosky is also still in the online retail game. She launched a website called Emma Lou's Boutique that sells everything from jewelry, Rush Apparel (her clothing business), and tumblers. The Boutique also has an app component where members can bid on items, and the couple still do live sales (a la LuLaRoe) on the store's Facebook page. (Also worth noting, they sell leggings that look like this.)

Lauren Covey Carson

Image: Courtesy of Amazon

Instagram: @laurenconveycarson

According to her Instagram, Lauren Covey Carson seems to be focusing on her kids post-LuLaRoe. Looking back on her experience as the docuseries premiered, Carson shared a series of personal photos, writing, "The friendships I made and the people I met made the ride worth it all."

Jill Drehmer

Image: Courtesy of Amazon

Instagram: @jilldrehmer & @mkjilld

Jill Drehmer is the only current LuLaRoe consultant interviewed in LuLaRich. In the doc, she says that she'll work for the company until the end, and, yep, she's still selling leggings for them online. In a recent Instagram post after the docuseries aired, Drehmer explained her massive LuLaRoe success, saying that she succeeded because she "focused on my sales more than focusing on income generated by building a team." She's still extremely committed to the company — her posts are littered with those LuLaRoe hashtags (#lularoelife #bossbabe #lularoedreamtrip) — but she also has a separate Instagram account where she sells for another MLM, Mary Kay.

The hustle continues, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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