Tell Me You Saw Uncle Nicky Hold His Phone Upside Down On 'This Is Us'

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Tell Me You Saw Uncle Nicky Hold His Phone Upside Down On 'This Is Us'

Hold the phone. In the most Uncle Nicky move of Uncle Nicky moves on This Is Us, the beloved curmudgeon of the Pearson family seems to have been holding his phone upside down for the majority of his call with Miguel on Tuesday's night's episode, as one eagle-eyed Reddit user noticed. We all have come to know that Jack's little bro is rather, uh, behind on the modern technology of the day (Amazon, anyone?), and one would not mistake him for a so-called "early adopter" of the latest trends. So this is either a prop error or some of the best character development TV has seen in the last decade.

Don't believe me? Nicky's track record speaks for itself. For example, when he adorably called his in-the-know pal Cassidy for reinforcements in "One Small Step..." to walk him through how to place an order on Amazon for his great-niece and nephew. It was exactly what an older man who lives in a trailer would ask someone, and I'm here to tell you that same older man definitely doesn't realize that an iPhone without a home button has a designated top and a bottom.

Season 5, Episode 11, "One Small Step..."

I'll admit, this may have been a continuity error. When Nicky first dials Miguel to apologize, he holds the phone up to his ear correctly. It is only when the scene bounces back to him that he has the phone flipped with the camera on the bottom end. However, it stays like that for the rest of the conversation, and that my friends is what we call character building.

Season 5, Episode 12, "Both Things Can Be True"
Season 5, Episode 12, "Both Things Can Be True"

Let's face it. This technical difficulty is too hysterical and in character for Uncle Nicky for me to have any qualms about it. And in my head, it was a character choice. Griffin Dunne, you've simply outdone yourself.


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