Let's Dissect Kevin's Exes Learning About His Engagement On 'This Is Us'

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Let's Dissect Kevin's Exes Learning About His Engagement On 'This Is Us'

In the final montage of the This Is Us episode,"Both Things Can Be True," we see Sophie, Zoe, and Cassidy pick up a copy of Us Weekly only to see a picture of Kevin and Madison, fully engaged, out for a walk with the twins. Not only are they placed just above cover girl Meghan Markle, but there is a gushy, zoomed in shot of Madison's massive engagement ring laid over the photo to boot. None of them look particularly sad, but they're all feeling... some things. So what exactly does this mean for Kevin's future? We wouldn't have gotten a montage of the women if something wasn't bound to happen between them and Kev.

Everyone's life got weird during the pandemic, but Kevin's went from that of a single, misguided fuck boy to settled down dad just like that. And while he means well, it's likely he didn't give his former love interests a head's up via FaceTime that he's a New Man. Cassidy knew Kevin was having kids merely because of Nicky, and we have to assume that Beth mentioned it to her sister, but let's be real: it had to be a little bit of a shock to learn about all of these developments, especially in a print copy of Us Weekly.

It's a weird feeling for anyone to learn about an ex's new fiancé and babies, but to know that you could have shared Us Weekly cover real estate with the Duchess of Sussex? Talk about FOMO, even if you want nothing to do with said ex at the end of the day. However, these reactions from the women are telling. Let's dig in to each one.

Cassidy Is Totally Crashing As A Plus One

How She Found Out: Cassidy brought a copy of Us Weekly in with her mail, which begs the question: did she sign up because she has some niece or nephew doing a magazine drive for school or does she low key just love celeb gossip, despite judging Kevin for being all "Hollywood"? This is character development, friends.

How Does She FEEL: She had an inside line to Kevin's life via Nicky, but given that she met Kevin during his "finding himself" time, she has got to have some feelings about the pretty boy announcing his engagement via a tabloid.

Wedding Guest Probability: Cassidy and Kevin never dated, but they did bond during his time of crisis and over their respective relationships with Uncle Nicky. Since the old man has been promoted to co-wedding planner with Miguel, it's very probable that she could show up on Nicky's arm as a plus one to talk him out of being a grouch about the small plates and make fun of Kevin's celeb wedding in person.

Zoe Seems Bemused

How She Found Out: Seeing a copy of the mag in a grocery line, wearing a great wool coat.

How Does She FEEL: Zoe and Kevin's break up was basically mutual, and her face upon reading the news just screams, "Wow, looks like someone is actually stepping up and taking life seriously," which is something he just wasn't ready to do when they were together. I'm betting she is simply bemused.

Wedding Guest Probability: Because she is Beth Pearson's sister, it's entirely possible that she would be invited to the wedding, but it does look like she's wondering why she wasn't invited to any Pearson-family pandemic Zoom calls. Arguably the most well-adjusted member of the Pearson clan, it doesn't seem like she'd make a scene, but a heartfelt one-on-one at the wedding festivities with her ex is bound to happen. If a Madison and Kevin wedding happens at all.

Sophie Is The Wild Card

How She Found Out: Sophie picked up a copy of the magazine at the hospital, which is most logical way for anyone to read Us Weekly in 2021 (no shade intended, but print is dead).

How Does She FEEL: Sophie initially smiles at the cover, which is a testament to just how long she's known the Pearson fam and cares about him. But then she puts it down and looks perplexed, possibly even a little nostalgic right before the credits roll. Or is she sad? Is this the moment Sophie pulls a Say Anything and rushes to get her first love back? It could happen.

Wedding Guest Probability: Sophie's face — and the fact that she was the last one in the montage to show any emotion — makes it seem like something is bound to happen between her and Kevin. And it might be her wedding after all.

We know that Kevin and the twins are at the cabin to visit Rebecca in the future fast forward, but Madison is still MIA. Maybe she's not coming at all. Is it possible that this news brings Kevin and Sophie back together and it is Sophie pulling up in the car with... another kid that she and Kevin have?

Kevin definitely rushed into his marriage with Madison, even if they had twins together. He's impetuous and doing what he thinks is the right thing, but we all know he and Sophie are likely endgame. This might be the moment it all turns around. Now that would be a headline.

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