It's Time Miguel Gets His 'This Is Us' Moment

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It's Time Miguel Gets His 'This Is Us' Moment

Miguel Rivas has been along for the journey of This Is Us, just like the rest of us. He's Jack's best friend, Rebecca's second husband, stepfather to the Big Three. And yet, I know literally nothing about the guy. And with all due respect to the man who invented video calls, if we're gonna learn about that guy's life, I think it's only fair that we get more information about Miguel on This Is Us too.

Miguel hasn't always been a favorite among fans. When it was first revealed that he and Rebecca are married in the present day, people... lost it. He's not Jack, and if you're not Jack, you have no business being married to Rebecca, was the general sentiment. Fans assumed that he had, in someway, stolen Rebecca from Jack or came in quickly after Jack died to claim her as his "gold standard" wife.

Season 1, Episode 2, "The Big Three"

But This Is Us has given us a lot of clarity since then. And we've gotten some looks at how Miguel's friendship with Jack and relationship with Rebecca came to be — over years of confiding, growing, mourning and nurturing. What we haven't gotten a look at is how Miguel came to be Miguel! Can I stake my claim in demanding a little justice for Miguel over here?

Before we came to know the newly introduced couple in last week's episode of This Is Us, "In the Room," as the godparents of FaceTime, I thought we might just get a little family history on Miguel. Their scenes would cut to him as he eagerly stayed by Rebecca's side waiting for any updates on the newborn babies. I thought it was a sign of some family lineage!

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