8 ‘This Is Us’ Questions To Haunt You Until It Returns Next Year

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8 ‘This Is Us’ Questions To Haunt You Until It Returns Next Year

Let me be clear: I'm grateful for any new episodes of television coming my way during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn't mean it's easy to accept that, after returning in October for only four episodes, This Is Us Season 5 won't return until January 2021.

Time means nothing anymore, so waiting it out until 2021 isn't the worst thing to happen, but right now This Is Us abandoning the TV landscape is a blow. Thankfully, the writers, as per usual, have left fans with plenty of This Is Us Season 5 questions to wonder about in the interim.

In the final episode of 2020, "Honestly," Randall went viral after taking off his shirt on his councilperson live stream — a very relatable thing to happen, right? (Even in the fictional world of This Is Us, the masses can't resist a dorky dancing, or not dancing, if you agree with Beth, shirtless Sterling K. Brown.) More importantly, though, is this viral video will inevitably lead Randall to his didn't-die-after-childbirth-like-we-thought birth mother. (Also known as, Laurel.)

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