Kevin Is Going To End Up With The AT&T Girl On 'This Is Us' — Hear Me Out

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Kevin Is Going To End Up With The AT&T Girl On 'This Is Us' — Hear Me Out

Attempting to uncover the identity of Kevin Pearson's future wife has given me whiplash all season long. At first, I was hardcore Team Kadison and believed that, eventually, Kevin would find his way back to Madison, the mother of his children, despite realizing he wasn't in love with her on their wedding day. That dream was dashed when Madison met Elijah. I thought perhaps Kevin's old Pennsylvania pal Cassidy would be a viable option — until she made it clear he was chasing the wrong blond in the wrong city. Even Sophie seemed like a potential choice, until, in Season 6's episode "Katoby," it was revealed Kevin's ex-wife is now happily married. It seemed like the most recent episode of This Is Us had officially left us with no viable options for Kevin's future wife — until I remembered something from Season 1 that could change everything.

Stick with me here, okay?

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It may be hard to remember now, but back in Season 1, Kevin had a brief (but adorable) relationship with a playwright named Sloane Sanburg, who was played by the actress Milana Vayntrub. While Vayntrub is a hilarious actress and comedian in her own right, she is perhaps best known for her role as Lily, the woman from the AT&T commercials, and she's pretty instantly recognizable. Sloane and Kevin parted ways at the end of Season 1, when Kevin realized he wanted to get back together with his ex-wife, Sophie. After that, we never heard from Sloane again — probably because Vayntrub was busy doing other projects, and the show was heading in a different direction. However, the reason I think that Vayntrub may be returning to the show after a five seasons away has to do with a small, but potentially Easter egg-filled plot point in the latest episode of Season 6.

In "Katoby," Kevin introduces his family to his new girlfriend, who the family recognizes but can't place. As it turns out, she's the girl from the State Farm commercials. Everyone jokes with Kevin that he's constantly dating women who are spokespeople for different brands, from insurance companies to Trojan condoms. They point out that there's no way it's going to work out with any of these women, but, uh, good luck out there, Kevin. I crazy here, or is this a clue as to who Kevin ultimately ends up with...a woman who just so happens to be played by the spokesperson for the AT&T commercials?

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It's also in this episode that really drives home the point that Kevin's past romances with both Sophie and Madison will not be reignited any time soon — both women are married, seemingly happily so. It's possible that Kevin ends up with a random, but I don't know if This Is Us would pull that after putting Uncle Nicky with a (admittedly awesome) stranger — Kevin's future spouse has to be someone that would excite This Is Us fans. What would be more exciting than giving fans the return of someone we never thought we would see again from Season 1?

I'll be honest: If this is the case, I can't imagine it was always the plan. But it would be exactly the sort of thing that just works in the This Is Us universe, where two people who didn't work out initially find their way back to one another at the exact right time.

Hey, I could be wrong — but I don't think I am. I'm throwing all my money behind Team Slevin.

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