Kevin Is Going To Leave Madison On 'This Is Us,' Isn't He?

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Kevin Is Going To Leave Madison On 'This Is Us,' Isn't He?

It should be clear by now that I am no big fan of Kevin Pearson on This Is Us the majority of the time. Usually, it just looks like there is nothing going on behind his eyes, like a happy, oblivious little puppy. But throughout Season 5, that has started to change, as he adapts to fatherhood and plans his wedding with Madison. He's finally having complete thoughts course through his brain and while that's a good thing for him — always here for self-actualization — it sure as hell looks like those thoughts may lead to Kevin leaving Madison. Let's just hope it's before the actual wedding.

After running into Zoe on a Zoom call (a sentence that only makes sense in 2021), she congratulates him on all the changes in his life. She thinks she's complimenting him on how he morphs and changes his wants and needs in the name of pleasing the others around him. It's not an awful quality, in moderation, but you can see the wheels turning in Kevin's head as she says it and it's clicking in a way Zoe definitely did not mean.

Basically, she too called him a little, unfocused puppy who will content himself with whatever is offered to him. You take away his ball, he'll chew on a stick. He sees a squirrel, he goes running.

When it comes to the small things, like having to watch the Great British Baking Show at Madison's suggestion instead of Bridgerton, it's not a big deal. In fact, it's a sign that he doesn't sweat the small stuff and is flexible, which is not a bad quality in a mate. Even Zoe thought it was a bonus, not a bad thing.

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