Ranking The Many 'This Is Us' FaceTime Calls From "In The Room"

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Ranking The Many 'This Is Us' FaceTime Calls From "In The Room"

This Is Us is all about life's big moments. And sometimes, in the middle of a global pandemic, those moments have to happen over video chat. And with every Pearson in a different part of the country for this week's This Is Us episode "In The Room," video calls took on a life of their own.

Video calls were so important to this week's episode that the show decided to pay tribute to Nasir (and his wife Esther) Ahmed, the man who led a team of researchers in the 1970s to develop the Discrete Cosine Transform technology that makes image sharing and video calls possible to this day. Nasir and Esther celebrated their 56th anniversary recently, and spoke to the This Is Us team by video chat, to course, to share their story, as was revealed at the end of the episode.

The Pearson's communicated via an extraordinary amount of FaceTimes this episode, so I decided to rank them by the bombshells dropped on each call. And mind you, there were literally three children born in this episode alone, so the race was very tight.

9. Kate Calls Randall & Beth

Kate, Randall, and Beth didn't talk much this episode except via group text, but Kate did make sure to FaceTime them so they could meet baby Hailey. It was a sweet extension between sister and brother, but brief enough to fall last on the list.

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