'This Is Us' Director On That Baby Episode, And How To Set Up A Good Twist

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'This Is Us' Director On That Baby Episode, And How To Set Up A Good Twist

When I spoke to This Is Us executive producer (and frequent director) Ken Olin four months ago, we discussed the state of the pandemic, our love of NYC, and, of course, what to expect from the first half of the show’s second-to-last season.

Now that the season has reached its middle, it was time for a much-needed touch-base. Besides, a lot has changed since November — both in real life and in the lives of our beloved Big Three. Kate and Toby decided to adopt, Randall learned more about his birth mother, and Kevin was forced to choose between his career and his future family.

The show returned on February 16 following a two-week-long production delay due to COVID-19 with “In The Room,” which was directed by Olin. The episode chronicled the births of the new Big Three (welcome to the world, Franny, Nicky, and Hailey!) and we finally got that long-awaited Kevin and Randall reconciliation, as well as a decent amount of Rebecca and Jack flashbacks.

While “In The Room" was full of celebration and happy tears, I’ve been watching This Is Us long enough to know that things won’t stay pain-free forever.

Will Kevin and Randall stay close? What about Kevin and Madison’s relationship? Will we learn more about Rebecca and Miguel’s love affair?

Olin broke down all this — and more — below.

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